For the Girls who look like Me

If you've been around these parts for any amount of time one thing you can count on is my lack of consistency,also the fact that outfits just aren't my thing ! I'm not a tiny cute blogger girl , I'm Black, I'm Plus sized and I'm weird and well girls who look like me don't get shine. It felt pointless and stupid and like I would be trying to make fetch happen but then I realized maybe not. Over the years I've been asked to post blog photos of my outfits and girls have messaged me saying hey I love what you're wearing but I never realized how actually important it was to see people who look like me.

In August I went to a blogger brunch for a beauty brand which I rarely do, and I felt out of place like I always do, even though In reality I was the perfect person to be there. I sat across from a sweet girl named Rosy ! She was immediately sweet and kind and asked if I only blogged about beauty. I said yes and she said " Why arent you blogging clothes !?!" Like it was the biggest of no brainers . Rosy went on to tell me how there was a huge void in the plus size market and that I needed to show my face and gosh dangit she was right !

Rosy immediately asked if she could forward my email to a brand an within an hour I had and email from Plus Size Brand Eloquii saying they loved me and wanted to put clothes on my body ! LIKE WHAT ! So From now on I'm going to make an effort to be seen not because I think I'm so cool but for the girls like me .

This blog will continue to be a space for EVERYBODY and I can't wait to show you all more !

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