Skincare Basics

          Alright Friends let's talk skin care. The reality is each and every day we are getting older and aging and our skin is the largest organ we have so why aren't we taking care of it ? Well I'm here to get you in shape and tell you the things you should be doing at the BARE minimum !

I come from a skincare house my mom and grandmother for that matter  has ALWAYS taken care of her skin as long as I can remember , I mean does anyone else remember Ponds Cold Creme ?  Speaking of Cold Creme lets talk about the first step in good skincare ... 


I literally cannot stress this enough you guys and I know you've heard it before but listen to me when I say sleeping with your makeup on essentially keeps your skin from living its best life ... why would you wanna do that !?! Basically sleeping with makeup on keeps your pores clogged keeping your skin from repairing itself properly each night and leading to premature aging .... It's gonna be a no for me DAWG ! I'm probably so obsessive about this because my mom drilled it into my head. My Mom would literally call me in college on a Sunday night to checkTza that I had taken my makeup off ! Mischel is nothing if not on top of things ! As a result of this I could be Drunk as a skunk (Sorry Mom ) and I will take my makeup off ( and shower ) haha and I keep these individually wrapped makeup remover wiped in my glove compartment ( that way they don't dry out ) 


You Should be washing your face EVERY DAY if not every day and night !  Taking off your makeup is NOT enough you need to remove your makeup and then cleanse #DoubleCleanse 


Depending on your skin type how frequently you exfoliate and what kind of exfoliator you will use are going to be different. Personally I use 2 one hard core Exfoliator that is both a physical and chemical exfoliator meaning it had the exfoliator beads while also chemically exfoliating which may often tingle a bit tbh I'm oily so it burns SO good. 


I'm gonna start by rocking a lot of your worlds with this next statement.... COCONUT OIL IS NOT NOR WILL IT EVER BE A MOISTURIZER ! Coconut Oil sits on the surface of your skin you might as well sleep in drag makeup ( Please Don't lol ) Moisturizer is so important in terms of moisture but in helping to keep skin hydrated so that it doesn't over or under produce oils . SO Coconut oil makes a great hair mask its just not for your face ! 

So this was your crash course next week we will deep dive into products and tools for each skin type and in the coming weeks we will have expert interviews to help you in figuring out what you should be doing in your 20's, 30's,40's and 50's  ! I hope you'll follow along ! 

If you have any specific questions you'd like addressed or wanna know anything slide in my DMs or email ! 

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