Beauty Review : Newness from Bliss !

Hey friends long time no blog !  Expect LOTS more beauty product reviews ! I will obviously give a detailed reviews but please note the 

"Official Product Ranking System" 

★ - Meh
★★ - Ok Ok 
★★★- Cute Girl  ! 
★★★★- Okurrrr !
★★★★★- YASSSSS !

Now that that's out of the way lets talk product !

So Bliss Beauty the brand you know and love has had a re-brand and shes a REAL CUTE GIRL ! Not only that but she's available at TARGET + the prices are lower ! I'll be honest I 100% purchased these because of the cute packaging ( Kanye  Shrug ).... P.S. We a no longer acknowledging Mr. Kardashian until he comes to his senses lol So I decided to try out two basic products the Makeup Melt and the Oil Free Makeup Removing wipes ! SO here are my thoughts on both !

Makeup Melt 

Ok So I actually really loved this product and am still using it ! I firmly believe that makeup removal is a 2-step process #DoubleCleanse because one step will NOT remove product effectively so makeup melt is a great first step ( you can follow up with a makeup remover wipe or cleanser to get you skin squeaky clean ) but this product does exactly what it says it does ! Your makeup will melt right off so you're not scrubbing your skin till its raw trying to get your face totally clean. I give it  ★- Okurrrr !

Oil Free Makeup Removing Wipes -

These are pretty solid. Not all makeup remover wipes are created equal . They have an adorably cute package, which again why I got them in the first place ! If you're using them with a full face of makeup and haven't pre cleansed you may have to use 2 but that's pretty par for the course with makeup wipes . Overall I give it  ★- Cute Girl  ! 

Hope you've all enjoyed this review and feel free to let me know any other products you'd like to see reviewed in the future ! 

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