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*I highly recommend listening to Slide by Calvin Harris ft Frank Ocean and Migos because that's what I played while I wrote this and I need yall to get the full effect

Welcome to the first of many #ModernRomanceMondays I know many of you will miss #TinderTuesdays but lets be honest when it involves me and dating you know it will be entertaining so lets dive right in shall we !

I hear "youths" talking about Sliding into DM's and I remember thinking to myself for the last few years things that's aren't really happening for me unless you count the guy I had a crush on in college who was like 4 years to late or the random creepy Russian guys who send friends requests to send you penis pics.... HARD pass on that ! So I was shocked a few months back when a guy slid in me direct messages who seemed normal. It turns out we grew up in the same place, were active in the same activities and knew a lot of the same people. We started chatting and had SO much in common I was like OMG is this the male version of me ? Before I met with him i talked to a few friends asking what they knew about him ect. Everyone seemed to like him and think that the idea of us dating was genius so when he asked me out I said sure .

We went to Pluckers ( at my request because sometimes you just want wings lol) I arrived first which I always do I like to see them coming so I can adjust my facial reactions lol . Anywho he walks in a stand up introduce myself and hug him. He has a LOT of energy kinda like a squirrel but I figure he might be nervous . When our waitress comes he tells her to give me whatever I want . He orders a double jack and coke that should've been a dead giveaway for what I was in for but no. We talked a lot and there were zero awkward moments he seemed sweet and fun and like someone I would like to continue getting to know so at the end of the night he asked for a 2nd date and I said sure .

The next week was when it ALL FELL DOWN  ( Go ahead and listen to Kanye West - All Falls Down Now) At first it was all good I got the good morning beautiful texts and lets be honest ladies ...We LOVE that ish ! But then things started to go sour . He wanted ALL of my attention and I do mean ALL . Ya girl works and sending texts to boys does NOT pay my bills. I started to see infatuation forming and I told him to chill out because he seemed to be more into the idea of me than the reality and that's a recipe for disaster. He asked me when I was free to go out again but I didn't have any available time until the next week ...at this he told me " I worked too much". Uh Sir I run a business so unless you're handing me piles of money I will be working ! By that point I was done but I figured I would let it fizzle out and not talk to him and then then one night he called. I was over his behavior and didn't feel like answering....He Left a Voicemail. All you need to know about this email is that he was calling from Karaoke in a loud bar and sounded like he was 100% drunk at the conclusion of his ramblings about wishing I were there to meet his friends he said " You make life worth living " NOPE ! Time to go !

While I'm sure he was a perfectly nice guy that sort of behavior points to bigger issues that I'm not really interested in taking on in a new relationship . I told him I thought he was nice but that I didn't think he was in a place to be dating . His response " I can't believe you're breaking up with me" I cannot make this stuff up y'all ! Since then he has tried to contact me more times than I can count ...he even used his business Facebook page to try and talk to me # DISTEWMUCH.

Moral of the story kids...Get a background check, because you can literally trust no one ! Wonder If I can get a deal with a background check company with this blog post ? haha totally kidding but ya trust no one except your dog, they're the only new friends you can trust.

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  1. Heather BaileySeptember 11, 2017

    You seriously can't make this stuff up!!!