So if by some chance you live under a rock a Rhianna's new makeup brand by the name of Fenty Beauty hit the market on Friday and the children are SHOOK ! 

   But why is it such a big deal ? Its just another celebrity slapping their name on a product . WRONG ! Fenty Beauty is a full product line 2 years in the making with Rhianna being heavily involved in EVERY step . The Brand is Backed by Kendo ( Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D) and Kendo is owned by LVMH as in Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesey... This ain't no Kylie Lip Kit or KKW contour kids ! ( It's not shade if its true ) So okay Rhianna was involved with her brand great but why is this such a big deal why are colors sold out I don't understand the hype.

     Here's my perspective as a black woman a makeup artist and a consumer. Being a Woman of Color or WOC finding Foundation is a HOT MESS. I have been alive over a quarter of a century and I have NEVER been able to go to the drugstore and find a color that looks even remotely close to my color ( trust me I tried, there is photographic proof from middle school and it is TRAGIC) Brands often have 4 shades for WOC and even then they are just WRONG I remember one foundation I was literally Orange I kid you not. And while brands do now make my color they will release a whole new foundation and say something like more colors coming next year.
   While other artists and consumers are finding and trying new things I can't. I literally cant even tell a client my opinion on a product. I cant add it to my kit because I cant properly test its performance and I cant write about it to tell you all what I think and whether its worth your money or not . With Fenty Beauty that is not the case. Rhianna launched with a full range of global skin tones, 40 to be exact. The range goes from the palest of the pale to incredibly deep. Not only that but the undertone options for all the colors are AMAZING. Not just Cool or Warm but Neutral,Red,Yellow. I was truly impressed by that alone . So that friends is what the big deal is now onto the products and what I think 

    Now I titled this post First Impressions because I just don't think you can truly and honestly review a Foundation without wearing it all day for at least a week and everyone is just throwin' up reviews in a day like that can tell you how it performs ... NOPE. So while I will give full review next week, today is just my first impressions !

The Foundation : I'll be honest I was excited but when I saw it IRL I immediately felt sad. The foundations in my side of the range looked incredibly RED but I matched myself in a few shades and gave it 5 minutes and y'all 470 is perfect ! The Finish is Matte and as y'all know I'm the shiniest so its perfect . I put on a full face of it on at 2 PM and it remained on until I took it off at 10. I also accidentally fell asleep in it so there's that ! I also didn't put primer on that first wear and I still looked great which is a miracle. Also 3 people said they thought this was just my skin #Blessed 

The Gloss: The Gloss is a universal coppery shade that's not to sticky or greasy. Nothing to write home about but still a good gloss.

Highlighter Duo in Ginger/Moscow Mule : I think I half bought this for the name because Moscow Mules are my drink of choice ( I also have a lip gloss by the same name , I have an issue its fine) While it isn't the most wearable shade for me as a highlight it will make some bad ass eye looks for myself or  blush for women with lighter skin tones. The formula is soft but not crumbly and doesn't have any kick back. 

Blotting Paper : Ya the work and I'm Hella oily it pulled oil I didn't even see was there.They come in a cute container with a mirror and because they come in one long sheet you can control how much you actually want to use. It should also be noted that these are rumored to double as rolling papers. Do what you will with that info lol. 

Well those are my thoughts for now but I will come back with a full review and look next week. Let me know if there is anything specific that you'd like to know about for next week ! 

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