Tinder is for F*ck Boys

  Fun fact I haven't actually used Tinder in well over a year, but I've honestly had SO many hot mess experiences I could likely write a book. I have come to the conclusion that if Ohio is for Lovers then Tinder is for F*ck Boys . ( If you don't get this reference you probably never had an awkward emo phase ). But I'm sincerely at a point in my life at which I'm dating to find a husband if you don't have husband qualities why waste my time. And let me be REAL honest, I'm a girl who wants kids and my eggs are dying every damn day. ( plus my mom told me her plans for a playroom for my non existent daughter so ya pressure is on )
   Anywho  I've decided to officially end #TinderTuesday because I care about myself ! However never fear I still plan to tell you all about my dating adventures on #ModernRomanceMondays. Dating now is SO different then when our parents did it and I plan to make sure you know all about it. Bumble, Coffee Meets, Bagle, The Leage, Singles Events and whatever the heck else I can possibly get myself into and if you know me at all hot mess just finds me so it will be just fine !

  Before the end of an era I figure I should leave you all with a parting tale ...lets call this one " Can I go home now"...One thing I'm big on in Modern Dating is what I refer to as "screening for crazy" and while I'm thorough AF sometimes crazy slips through the cracks. I arrived on a Tuesday night at Velvet Taco in Dallas and when he got out of the car I should've just left. Ya know when someone looks NOTHING like their picture ....yaaaaa and to make matters worse let's not forget the ill fitting jeans, baggy shirt and wait for it Cowboy Hat, and I do mean full Stetson ( any true cowboy would've been ashamed of him I assure you". However my mother raised me to be polite and so I introduced myself and we walked inside.

  We made pleasant chit chat about the tacos and decided what to order and it seemed I was buying my own food. Here's my deal on who pays, if you ask me out and pick a restaurant YOU PAY ! Any time I have asked a guy out (and yes I do this because women can do whatever the hell they want) I am always prepared to pay, it's just polite but clearly not everyone had an amazing mother like Mischel to guide them. Once our food arrive we sat and talked I asked about his job, we talked about bacon which is always a convo I can get behind. I talked about my family and how my mom and sister were incredibly important , he then mentioned his daughter, how he lost custody of her and the fact that he was on parole for a DWI .....SO ITS GONNA BE A NO FOR ME DAWG !
  I actually ask prior to meeting someone if they have children, if they've ever been to jail,rehab ya know casual shit. Now don't get me wrong people make mistakes but there's a lot to be said for honesty and I generally try to ask in a humorous non judgemental way because I firmly believe " Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future". But I cannot deal with a liar y'all ! If you are capable of lying about things that literally don't matter then God only knows what else you'll lie about and ya girl ain't got time for that ! So I finished my tacos took my leave ! ( Insert gif of Beyonc√© flipping hair )

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