Microblading with The Brow Project

Happy Friday Y'all ! Today we're talking all about my experience having my eyebrows Microbladed with Nicole of The Brow Project ! Unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure you've seen microblading all over social media and friends showing up to events with brows FAR more perfect than what you know her brows to look like. But what exactly is microblading or "cosmetic tattooing" ? Microblading is is the process of depositing color pigment beneath the surface of the skin by means of tiny, sterile, disposable needles to produce the appearance of hair strokes.

So 7 months ago I started searching for the perfect brow girl. If you know anything about me, my brows are very important to me and to my face so I did my homework. Dallas/Fort Worth has LOTS of options but I chose Nicole for a number of reasons including skill,experience and makeup artistry background. I didn't want someone with no concept of what fits my face going to town and giving me crazy brows #NOPE. Also Nicole answered EVERY question and I had a lot, she even had questions for me to make sure that microblading was right for me ( If you are prone to keloid scarring its a NO) . So after all my questions I scheduled my appointment for March ( Back then she was booking 2 months out...now its 4 ! She's kinda the best ). Fast forward to the week of my appointment and we hit a bump in the road .... TMI ALERT ( My Period Came and Nicole will not microblade you during this time as it makes you much more sensitive and likely to feel pain ) so we rescheduled again another two months later and in May I finally started the path to perfect brows. 

Nicole begins by numbing your brows for 40 minutes and let me tell you it makes ALL the difference. I have friends who have gone to other artists who don't numb until they've already started cutting you open ... NAH FAM ! Nicole goes the extra mile and for that I am grateful. To be 100% honest I didn't feel anything until the last 5 minutes of the process and it felt like scratches at most. Not only does she numb you before she numbs you again during the process. After It was all said and done I looked flawless and didn't think it could be better but this is a 2 part process so I left my first appointment feeling like a million bucks and told Nicole I would see her in July !  Last week I went for my touch up and my skin apparently holds ink very well because Nicole thought I had added makeup to my brows , I hadn't ! During my touch up we refreshed the tail end of my brows as my natural skin oils faded them some but she touched them up and I gotta say the touch up is important . 

Its been 1 week since I've been done with the process and OMG my life is SO much easier I cannot even explain. Honestly I don't quite think I realized just how much time I spent on my eyebrows before I had this done I really thought I was low maintenance but I was clearly wrong. I would 100% recommend Nicole with 0 hesitation. If you have questions or want more  information head to www.thebrowproject.com and tell Nicole Becca sent you ! 

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  1. I just got my done and it is so worth it! 😚