Victoria Beckham + Target

Oh Hello and Happy Monday y'all ! So if you know me at all you know I'm fairly confident, I laugh at my own jokes and I'm generally pretty comfortable with myself. One way I am NOT comfortable is in an outfit on this blog. Posting these photos makes me need anxiety meds sincerely. I am not the most confident in my skin when it comes to getting dressed. If we're talking about makeup no problem but if we're talking about clothing its a big ole bag of nope . 
I like 67% of the female US population am "Plus Sized" I hate that term but whatever. thought we are 67% percent of the population we make up 2% of advertising. I'm sorry but that's weird ! Representation matters, seeing people who reflect reality is important ! The world is made of people who are black and female and LGBT and Asian and plus sized and if the advertising world isn't gonna reflect that I'm gonna do my tiny part even if I'm uncomfortable to put positive representations out into the universe of girls who look like me. 

* Jumps Off Soapbox 

While fashion will NOT be taking over my blog but will deff make appearances here and there as kinda a fun way to get over my weird aversion to posting outfit photos and to expand my wardrobe. ( if you saw it you'd think I was still in college cuz I believe in Nike Shorts and leggings haha )

 I wanted to try something easy that made me feel cute and confident and this little number from the Victoria Beckham for Target did the trick ! First of all me not wearing black is basically a miracle like who am I !?! This dress comes in sizes XS-3X and is perfect for church,spring showers and even the office. Plus for only $35 you just cant beat the price !

This Vintage Gucci Bag is EVERYTHING ,because it was one of the first presents my dad gave my mom. I mean how sweet is that ( my father had better style than me FYI ). This bag is one of my favorites because of the sentimental value but also its basically the cutest ! 

These earrings are from Beaded by W and they're my new favorite thing and they will be added to my wardrobe in MANY more colors. I mean who doesn't need a giant tassel ? That question is rhetorical because everyone needs obnoxious tassels ....k !! I kid I kid but I do love them ! 
My shoes can be found here and I thought they made for a BA Pop of Color ! 

Victoria Beckham for Target Women's Blush Collared Dress
Victoria Beckham for Target Women's Plus Blush Collared Dress
Blooms GG Supreme mini chain bag • Gucci
Soho leather disco bag • Gucci
Women's Baublebar 'Pinata' Tassel Earrings • BaubleBar
Buxom Limited Edition Full-On Lip Cream - Moscow Mule (warm tawny) • Buxom

 If I'm honest I'm basically learning how to dress myself on the back end of my 20's so this should be interesting new adventure ! Hope you'll join me for it ! 


  1. So freaking pretty and just hot chocolate hot!


    This dress is so adorbs.

    xoxo, s