Wedding Wednesday : Ask Your Bridesmaids

Wedding Wednesday is back y'all ! For those of you that are new around these parts between my job and personal life I spend a lot of time either at Weddings or doing wedding related things. So on Wednesdays I like to highlight the parts of this industry that I love so much. Whether it's client love stories or vendors I always have good stuff to share on a Wedding Wednesday and today is no different ! 

A few months back I was looking into ways that girls ask their bridesmaids to be a part of their wedding party as lots of my readers are brides to be. My girlfriend Brooke asked me last year in an adorably cute way because she's just as crafty as can be ,but what about girls like me who have 0 time and can't craft to save their life ? That's where Ask Your Bridesmaids comes in ! 

Ask your bridesmaids has all the non crafty girls like me covered with "unique gifts and gift boxes specialized for you and your bridesmaids". Company owner Linda sent me the most ADORABLE Box with some items that are Becca AF ! Y'all she put a unicorn hairbrush in there !!! I mean seriously ! Not only that but my box had gummy bears ( PS my little sister noticed that the bears actually have bow ties and are basically fancier than your average gummy) ! It should be noted that it was an act of God that I didn't eat the bears before they could be photographed. It was difficult but I somehow made it ! 

What I love most is that AYB gives you so many options, cute mugs key chains,earrings you name it they've got it ! So if you're a recently engaged lady and you need a way to ask your Bride Tribe to stand by your side Ask Your Bridesmaids is the way to go ! And because y'all are THE Best and the owner of Ask Your Bridesmaids is the sweetest boss babe the ENTIRE Website is 20% Off with code SPRING20 until March 22 ! So get to shopping ! 

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