Tinder Tuesday : #SuccessStory

After the unfortunate saga that was the last few weeks of Tinder Tuesdays and with Valentines Day a week away I feel like we or maybe I could use some warm fuzzies ! 
I said that I would be sharing more of my business with you all and today is the perfect opportunity to start. So last year I met Laura at her bridal makeup trial ! It was then that I learned Laura met her husband on Tinder ! Laura and her hubs are all sort of adorable and make me believe that my #TinderTuesdays might not be in vain and if they are at least you guys have gotten some entertainment out of it ! 
Now The Good Stuff ! Laura's ADORABLE AF Wedding ! 

After reliving this adorable wedding I am now incredibly aware of the fact that I have 6 days to find a Valentine ! If you know of anyone let me know ! ;)


  1. Aw this is so fun! Gives me a little hope for Tinder after all haha...

  2. I love this brides style! Congrats to the happy couple xo