Lipsense and Stila Liquid Shadow Review

* Photos by Eric Espana 

So It's been a little while since I've done a review but today I've got 2 great ones for ya ! 


Unless you live under a rock or don't have Facebook,you've likely seen videos of girls rubbing their lips and showing you that their lipstick just doesn't come off. I'll be honest when I first heard about this stuff I immediately said NOPE ! I generally HATE MLM companies, like no I don't wanna be on you team and sell body wraps to loose weight, just go to the gym ! For months I had people approach me about selling it because I'm a makeup artist and I said no every time, but a friend of mine invited me over to try it out and she told me there would be wine and I'm not saying no to free wine ! TBH I went to two of these parties in like a week because wine haha. Anywho she gave me some products to try over the weekend on my brides. I basically thought I'd hate it and toss n if it works it will be great for those long Bridal Days. I knew this stuff was the real deal when a Bride of mine texted me the Sunday after her wedding to let me know that her makeup, lips includes stayed on till 4AM !  Like what ! So that's when I started bothering my girlfriend with 1 million questions about how to get more colors etc whats in it how it works etc.
Bridal Makeup is 80% of my business and one thing I know for sure is that no groom wants red lips after his first kiss with his bride ! So I was like gimmie ALL the bridal colors but then I realized I needed to know if it worked personally, because if it doesn't work for me I can't trust it ! So I ordered the most Becca colors, Black and Brown or Blackberry and Espresso.
The application process takes some getting used to .You use 3 layers of the color and then a gloss on top to seal everything in but once you get it on you can literally go up to 18 hours with this stuff on which is CRAZY pants ! I mean will I wear it 18 hours NO ! Is it nice to have the option YES !
I will say that personally Lipsense isn't my everyday go to simply because makeup is my job and I have product commitment issues and like to try new things consistently, however I think Lipsense is the perfect everyday product for people who have jobs where touch ups are NOT an option. My mom is a teacher and she LOVES it but I've also found its a great product for Medical Professionals like Nurses and Hygenist's who wear masks as well as Flight Attendants.

Next on the list of products is my new eye shadow obsession

STILA - Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye shadow

If you know anything about me as a person in any capacity you're likely aware that glitter is my favorite color because at heart I am 5 years old and I am NOT ashamed of that ! Anywho loose glitter while beautiful 
is a pain in my butt then the Good Lord smiled down and me and gave us Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Eye shadow. It is all the glittery of loose shadow without the mess !

This Liquid Eye Shadow come in 8 different colors and at this point I've personally bought because it is THAT good. My favorites right now is Violet Vixen it is the prettiest purple with purple violet and blue sparkles ! What I love most about these is that they can be layered on top of the eye shadows that you're already wearing ! You can just tap the color on top and spread with a brush or your ring finger and you've instantly added a little GLAM to your look ! This has been one of the most fun items that Stila has come out with as of late and I can't wait to see what other new fun items they come up with !

I've got a lot of great things coming for you this month and I can't wait to share them with you all . P.S. feel free to let me know what other products you'd like to see reviewed in the coming weeks !

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