Lesson Learned :Part 5

If you missed part 4 on FB live the Readers Digest version is I met his family and they loved me ( DUH ) and in a Random Chilli's on the  way home we had a fight ! On to Part 4

"Leave the past behind,just walk away.When it's over and my heart breaks...and the cracks begin to show"

You ever feel an energy shift in your world. No one else will notice it but you feel it to the core of your soul. Well Mid July that happened . After our first fight the week before things were fine until they weren't. It started the night we went to Chuy's the fight was over the fact that he answered a the phone for his best friend and joked with him about who should pay. It was dumb but it kinda opened Pandora's Box and dinner was kind of tainted.We fought and he was just being this guy who I didn't know. 
When he took me home he was like maybe we should be together maybe I'm wrong for you. I told him that was extreme and maybe we needed a few day not together haha ( we were literally together almost every day its gross I know) So the weekend went by and we talked on the phone but just did our own things socially. 
By Tuesday I said ok lets hang out cuz I miss you and then there was silence. I said are you breaking up with me because if so just say it. So he said the words and my heart sank. I cried like a baby and I hate that but this was my best friend we had grown so close so I was just confused. He said there was so much he wanted to tell me .So I asked what he needed to tell me and when he said it I was so shocked I repeated it back to make sure I heard correctly.


  1. Girl, leave us hanging why don't you!

  2. Heather BaileyJanuary 25, 2017

    Wait... that's it?! I need more!!

    Did he break up over then phone or text?!