FIN : The End

Since December you all have followed this story and wished for the best but as you all know not every story has a happy ending. So where did we leave off ? Oh right you were waiting to find out what happened how it happened etc. 
I asked DJ what was wrong, I knew in my bones that something was wrong I had been broken up with and just a week before things were perfect and we were planning our next trip together .What I didn't tell you all last week was it took me an hour to get him to talk I pushed and pushed and basically said if you don't tell me what the hell is going on I'm coming to your house and you're gonna tell me because you ' even have the decency to break up with me in person #RUDE. So I asked him one last time what arent you tellin me ...he took a deep breath and said it ........

" I slept with someone"

At this point my heart stopped my blood ran cold and I sobbed. I didn't understand I needed answers and I would get them but for that night I would cry so much so that I lost all apatite.
 ( All told over this breakup I lost 20 lbs so silver lining) 
The next day DJ and I were set to see each other because we had both signed up for a focus group to help a friend of mine. He said he would bow out so I wouldn't have to see him but I told him that he made a commitment to participate and it would reflect poorly on me if he didn't show up so he showed up. He sat next to me and it was hard. It was like this guy who was my best friend I just suddenly didn't know anymore but I wanted to I had so many questions but mostly 

I asked him if he wanted to go to dinner after and he said he would like that . We went to Cane Rosso in Dallas which oddly enough I'm eating as I type but that night. I think I made it through one slice and the waitress thought I didn't like it but I did like the wine because it kept me from crying because I swore I wouldn't and I didn't. Oh but he did like a baby on the Patio in Deep Ellum . 
The next few weeks we were trying to figure it out. I always said if someone cheated I would l walk but somehow when it happens to you it's different . He really was my very best but it never quite got back to what it was and once we realized that we just  tried to keep things ok until summer ended because that's just who I am .He turned 30 at the end of August and I took him to see Sausage Party and got him a tiny cake and that was really the last time I can remember seeing him. 

He tried to date the girl he cheated on me with and well that never works out and it crashed and burned quick. For months I hated knowing he was in town but 3 weeks ago he called to say he was leaving. I felt like I had released a ghost and like I could honestly move on. 

I will be honest some days I miss him some days I wanna tell him about my business and how things are sometimes I wanna ask about his new job but I don't maybe one day but not today. At the end of the day I know I put my whole heart into that relationship and that I gave it all I had and learned SO much about myself in the process but truth be told he wasn't good looking enough to cheat on me.... ;)

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