Lesson Learned : Part 2

"I met this girl on Monday took her for a drink on Tuesday we were making love by Wednesday and on Thursday & Friday & Saturday we chilled on Sunday"
-Craig David - Seven Days 

The above quote is a pretty solid depiction of how DJ and I happened, we had similar schedules which is great because that's one of the things that has made dating difficult for me. DJ was home on summer break because of the nature of his work ( student affairs) so he had all the time in the world to hang out with me. Our first official non breakfast date he planned and well things kind of fell through ( totally not his fault) but since I'm from DFW and he isn't I decided to show him an important Dallas staple ... Taco Diner. If you know me at all you know I could eat every meal there and that Mambo Taxi's are life. Dinner was nice but I was a little on the fence that was until after dinner. We drove around DFW and he let me control the music....His iPod was everything I have ever hoped for in a man haha. Fun fact at one point in college DJ was a DJ thus his diverse taste in music but I digress . That night we talked and listened to music and looked at the stars and talked about what we wanted to do that summer.                                                            
That night we made a list of things we wanted to do that summer together. I knew he was searching for jobs out of state so when he asked me what I wanted out of my summer if it were to be with him I told him I wanted adventure. He said he could commit to that so that's what we were gonna do. The next two weeks we would both be traveling but we managed to talk every day and all that jazz.

Now in the grand scheme of things our relationship happened at warp speed and I sometimes wonder why but then I remember that while on vacation I unfortunately had a very traumatic experience happen. Not the kinda thing you would share with a guy you've known 2 weeks but I did, and he was there for me like no one else. He let me cry on the phone, he told me I would be ok , he told me I was beautiful and worthy of good things. When I got home he held me and took me on dates to drive in movies and just generally added joy to my life. I was in such a good place before I met him and he was just the extra little sparkle that put things over the top. Being with DJ was more than I thought 2016 was gonna give me. I literally just had a best friend who I got to kiss ! We talked for hours and made plans and planned trips . I think the the best thing about the beginning of our dating was I went from being overwhelmed with thoughts at the end of each day to having someone I could actually talk with. Things happened fast because I knew I was safe with him.

I remember one night at the movies we talked about how I wasn't a casual dating kind of girl .( In our first phone conversation I mentioned something about my eggs dying every day not even kidding , I have 0 filter n much like Erika Jane give 0 you know whats ) I remember he said what can I do to make you feel safe with me so that you know you can trust me and I'm not going anywhere and as long as I'm here we're together . I said I don't know....he said do you want to be my girlfriend. I looked him in the eyes and smiled because just him asking what he could do made me feel safe and secure did make me feel that.  I said yes, and then we ate some gummie worms.

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