Lesson Learned :Part 1

"He broke my heart, and it was raining just to rub it in ...."
Alecia Keys -Lesson Learned

There are 3 Tuesday's left in 2016 and for about 3 months I've gone back and fourth trying to decide if one particular Tinder Tuesday would make it here. But I figure now is as good a time as any.

Aside from wavering on whether or not the story should be told. I wavered on where to start to tell it.... From the beginning or from the end. I don't think I have even decided and I'm writing this in one sitting so I guess we'll see how it all shakes out. 

I told you I wavered on whether or not to tell this story but something put me over the line and made me decide I had to write this even if my eyes were the only two that ever saw it,I needed to write it down .

Two weeks ago I got a call that brought me to tears. It was my ex. I answered because I thought something was wrong ...everything was fine,for him at least.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here lets go back to the beginning. After a brief hiatus from tindering in the spring I realized If nothing else tinder was my feeble at trying to date. So I downloaded Tinder and Bumble which I had tried before but didn't seem to work for me (sorry but #BumbleSoWhite)that didn't even bother me so much as all the guys looked the same, like $30,000 millionaire ( gross). Lets be honest here considering I was single I had nothing to loose. When I returned to bumble I found it much better than before diversity of career and life and race bonus everyone seemed to be college educated so I started swiping ! It took 1 day of swiping for me to meet a guy and start talking to him. But so as not to put my eggs in one basket I went back to tinder well. I had swiped right on the bumble guy earlier and we were a match!

The guy (lets call him DJ to protect the NOT so innocent) messaged me on tinder and said "Hey ! Look at that. Haha. Double matching !!" I figured I should at least chat with the guy and chat we did, for a whole half a day until he asked me to go out on Sunday night. I politely declined his date for a number of reasons 
  1.  I was waiting for Britney's comeback performance on the AMA's 
  2.  I had taken my bra off for the day and 
  3.  It was dark outside and he could've been a murderer ! I'm too young to die y'all ! 

He then proposed breakfast the next morning and I agreed . Unfortunately I woke up the next day looking like my blog title minus the pretty part. I told him what was going on but he didn't seem to care. I figured we would have breakfast and good conversation and that would be it. I went to my date in glasses with no makeup... I clearly didn't care. It was a pleasant date but it seemed like it would be a one date kind of deal. Little did I know in a few weeks he would become my boyfriend.


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