Alright y'all the holidays are officially here not only that but the weather in Texas finally decided to act like it was December so I'm feeling EXTRA festive ! One of my favorite things about the holidays is gift giving ! Anyone who knows me knows that gift giving is my love language and the way that I show I care. Fun Fact : I actually keep a gift box at home so I am NEVER unprepared if a sudden occasion arises ! I am always ready with a gift AND a card ( thanks for the card obsession Grandma ). So in the spirit of the season I'll be posting gift guides as we get closer to the Holidays because who doesn't love gifts ! 

To start things off I've got gifts for your Holiday Party hostess whether you've known them forever or a short period of time all of these gifts are the perfect way to say "thanks for having me" ! 

1.  Holiday Candle - Voluspa Visions of Sugar Plums 

I know I know candles are such a cliche holiday gift so much so that SNL did a skit about it this weekend  
( you should totally watch it ) however I think a well chosen candle is always a good idea. Quality is key here so ( sorry no dollar tree candles). Some of my favorites include brands like Dyptique,Lafco and Voluspa. I know some people will say why would you spend that much on a candle and that's easy all the listed brands LAST. I'm a quality over quantity girl. I personally LOVE the Voluspa Holiday collection you can literally burn it for 10 minutes and your whole room will smell amazing.

2.Door Mat - "Get Out of My Caucasian House !"

Great for someone who's moved into a new home I especially love funny ones. I plan on letting EVERYONE know that they are NOT welcome in my Caucasian House this holiday season ! 

3.Kate Weiser Chocolate - Bon Bons 

These Chocolates are the best thing that has ever happened to me and they're almost too pretty to eat ALMOST. Aside from being gorgeous they are so tasty and with flavors like Passion Fruit, Lavender Apricot  and Salted Carmel there is sure to be a flavor for everyone ! 


Pretty Self Explanatory can be found at Winery's, Targets and in a pinch your local gas station, just don't forget to put it in a bag or wrap it in a bow ! 

5.Cute Book for the Kitchen - Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

This is a great gift for foodies or novices alike or newlyweds looking for new recipes ! Chrissy Teigen is an amazing cook no seriously she is and her recipes are fun and delish ! 

6. Bar Ware - Moscow Mule Glasses 

Bar ware always makes for a great gift ! Glasses Coasters or personalized shakers are ALWAYS a great idea ! Personally I LOVE a good Mule and everyone deserves some copper mugs ! 

When you show up for this weekends soiree don't show up empty handed because I've taught you better ! 

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