8 Crazy Nights Hanukkah Gift Guide !

We are 12 days away from one of my favorite holidays ... Hanukkah ! Now I'm sure you're like why , you live in Texas and you're black also weren't you raised Christian ? Well Time for a story !

My mother says that I have ALWAYS been fascinated with Judaism. But how did that start, well I'm sure most of you can imagine me as a child basically the same as now but tiny ! I remember being in Sunday school and a teacher mentioning that Jesus was Jewish. I went to a small Christian school and leaned about Jesus every day but this Jewish thing was news to me.We had Jewish family friends so I knew what the religion was and I knew it wasn't Christianity. So I raised my hand and  asked my Sunday School teacher 
" If Jesus is Jewish and we're supposed to be like Jesus, then why aren't we Jewish ?"  My teacher had no  answers and when I asked my mom she said well lets go to the Library and find out ! (Side Note : My mom is SUCH a fabulous and amazing educator , she doesn't give you the answers but helps you to get to them.)

From then on I was fascinated with Judaism I loved the traditions the food and Fiddler on the Roof #Tradition ! I actually even began converting once upon a time....but I didn't finish #HebrewSchoolDropout. Though I never officially became Jewish the things I love about the religion remain the same.The tradition,community celebrating high holidays I mean no wonder Jesus was Jewish. Plus any religion that's down for fried food for celebrating is A-Ok with me ! 
My sister and I actually celebrate Hanukkah every year, (my mom says I passed my fascination to my sister ) we light candles, say prayers and watching us play dreidel is intense. We usually end with Latke's and Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights ! While we don't do 8 days of gifts because we Christmas HARD, I've picked some things that would make great gifts for anyone on your Hanukkah gift List ! 


Mazel Yall ! 

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