Tinder Tuesday: Back in the Saddle

Happy November everyone ! Now that my life has finally slowed down a bit ( October is a CRAZY BUSY wedding month in Texas ) I have decided to get back to attempting a social life ! And that means you guessed it attempting to date, because as my mom likes to remind me I quote "wont find a husband on the couch watching Bravo". I personally don't know why the hell not but I get her point . In all honesty I go out very infrequently and when I do its work or networking events at which all the men are gay or married to other cute girls in our industry. It also doesn't help that gay men love and adore me, sometimes I'm like who needs a husband when you have friends who make you feel like 1 million dollars. But I would like to have kids so I guess I have to try.

Today is Tuesday November 1st and that can only mean one thing ... TINDER TUESDAY ! But you guys it's going to be THE BEST Tinder Tuesday because I have a date tonight ! I mean at worst I get a free meal and I am NOT mad about it ! But If I'm honest I am terrified ! Its been 7 months since my last first date and I'm over here like I don't know what to do with my hands ! 

Honestly, there is nothing like the thrill and the terror of a first date. What do I wear ? What should I do with my hair ? And don't forget the 2 drink maximum ( Patti Stanger I love you ) . If I'm being totally honest first dates makes me want to barf . It not the actual date that's  generally the problem but the getting ready. My anxiety goes through the roof and I become incapable of completing simple tasks like my makeup...and I'm a makeup artist ! But seriously I've glued a lash to my face and I am literally a Professional Makeup artist but that's what first dates do to me. 

But in an effort to make this fun and not scary I've decided to take you all along for the ride as I get ready and pull my ish together ! So follow along on Snap Chat today @BeccaAshmon to watch me attempt to pull it together and make myself look decent. I wont be active during my date because ya know that's rude but I promise to update you on all the details ! 
See y'all on Snap Chat ! 

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  1. Yessss to the Patti Stanger shoutout! I didn't even know she had a new show until yesterday (watched an episode because duh)