Remember that date I went on literally 4 weeks ago ? Well I guess you're wondering how it went ! Well there's good news and bad news so Good News First !?! Ok Cool ! 

So my date was incredibly sweet, he lives about 45 minutes from me so he picked a restaurant where I lived so I wouldn't have to drive far which I really appreciated since I ALWAYS seem to have to be the one to drive far. I was running a tad late because for some reason there was INSANE traffic. I let him know and he was sweet and understanding and I arrived only about 5 minutes late. 
Upon my arrival my date stood up to greet me and pulled out my chair 5+ points for that move because its a lost art. I'm not gonna lie I was REALLY nervous. I mean REALLY nervous. Nervous is not an emotion I generally feel but I suppose I'll chalk it up to the fact that I haven't been on a first date in 6 months or so and I come down with Ricky Bobby Syndrome and I don't know what to do with my hands. 
I managed to pull it together and we talked and got to know each other ...families, taste in music, work the usual first date stuff.  I found out He Likes the Darius Rucker Version of Wagon Wheel and had NEVER heard of Old Crow Medicine Show....MAJOR point loss but I continued with the date. All in all it was a great first date we had similar interests he was cute and our conversation flowed easily. We basically closed down the restaurant ( apparently we were the youngest people there lol ) I got my left overs to go and we headed out. We talked a little more outside the restaurant and he hugged me and gave me a good night kiss...SOLID WIN FOR BECCA 

Remember that bad news ? Ya well here it comes. Before we met my date and I texted every day and I ALWAYS got a Good Morning Beautiful Text. The morning after our date NOTHING ! #RUDE . Around Lunch I texted him to say thanks for my lunch because I totally ate those leftovers the next day. He said thank you and that was it until later that day when he asked the name of the band who sang Wagon Wheel ...( Insert Giant Eyeroll ) but whatever. The next day we went back to the Good Morning beautiful and things seemed ok that is until we were chatting later that night and I asked if I would see him again because let me be EXTRA real. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO WASTE. While I don't want kids today I will eventually so can you NOT waste my time #MyEggsAreDyingEveryDay ! K thanks. Well that was on Thursday, I heard nothing on Friday or Saturday or Sunday . On Monday I finally said " I'm gonna assume you're dead because I've never had a guy text " good morning beautiful" and then disappear for 3 days. He responded with " Sorry for the ghosting, I'm not good at saying I'm not interested". Well here's a hint say "I'm not interested " ! We're all adults here ! I basically said that and he responded that he wasn't sure. My first thought was unless you're trying to put a ring on it tomorrow absolute certainty is unnecessary ! He said " I'm just not sure, You are nice and the date was nice". I told him that's what second dates are for. Also who kisses someone they wouldn't go on a second date with !?! Like What ? 

It was then that I knew I didn't even want a second date. Dating is to get to know people so you do different activities in different settings and try to get a feel for one another that fact that he didn't even know what he wanted was a complete turn off ! After that I was like NOPE and we haven't spoken since.  

So lets have a good laugh because my dating life is in fact a joke that will one day make a great book or HBO TV show a la Girls ( I like to think I'm less annoying than Hannah anyway )

I realize that many of you are here to find out if you won my AWESOME GIVEAWAY ! So let's give a big Congratulations to 
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