Wedding Wednesday + Changes Coming !

Oh Hay y'all its Wedding Wednesday but before I share this weeks wedding a tidbit of my world I wanted to update you all on my personal life. 
It has come to my attention that you all miss Tinder Tuesday...I mean REALLY miss it. I took a break from tinder because I wanted to date with intention but who am I kidding Tinder is basically free entertainment whether you're single or not so I'm taking this show on the road ! First Stop is Denver ! I love using Dating Apps in Other cities to see what the guys are like vs at home . So Saturday The Adventure begins and I'll report back next week with a brand new Tinder Tuesday ! 

Now that that's out of the way its time to talk weddings . So today I'm sharing photos from Brittany P's Big Day. From her trial on I knew we would be friends I mean she and her friends forced me to eat a bacon cheeseburger ! Um Hello I love you !  

Britt's Big Day was just as fun as she is so take a look at some of the gorgeous photos from her big day !

Do y'all see a pattern with the way I hold me head lol 

Maybe if Tinder Tuesday's go well I can get one of these ? haha 

So Britt's Wedding was a LONG day so while I went to change clothes in preparation for reception I left one of her maids in charge of Lipstick. The Bridesmaids dresses had pockets I mean how perfect is that ! 


Just a Casual Cake ! 

Photography by Jeff Brummett Visuals 

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