Tinder Tuesday Goes To Colorado !

I promised that I would bring Tinder Tuesday back and now here we are ! It should be noted that I LOVE to tinder in other Cities and States ! I like to know what men are like in other states and wanted to know if Colorado is as much of a Hot Mess as Texas ! So lets take a look at our prospects shall we !

I have SO many questions about this ....I mean who wants to caption this photo ?

This young man seems V excited to be out on the water ! 

You guys he's a " High Net Worth Associate" ....but can you not dude ? Left Swipe for that 

At a certain point I realized that Tinder aint what it used to be (more on that later) so I decided to see what bumble had to offer and I was NOT let down 

God Bless America ! 

But then things took a turn for the worst ! If you'll notice I've blocked out the personal info of these guys because I believe in protecting the innocent but this next guy is a big ole bag of douche n I don't protect people like that ! 

Observe Devon seems normal seems cool so I shoot him a message and oh boy did things go 0-100 real quick 

Call me crazy but 1 I don't swipe right on people I'm not interested 2 you could very easily unmatch me or say nothing. But y'all he wanted to go so let's go ! 

Sorry but maybe it's because I was born and raised in Texas but good Lord have some tact. I tried to be nice I understood where he was coming from and was done with the interaction but then he decided to take it next level

Omg he called me black and fat ! I'm gonna die ! Jk I don't care what makes me laught most about this is you stated facts I am black and I am fat  do you want a cookie for your observation skill. Also I'm both of those things which you state youre not interested in...yet you still swiped right lol but don't worry I didn't go out without some final words 

The moral of the story here is that some guys are douches and be careful about what you say and to whom on the internet, you may end up on some girls blog. ! Sorry you're a Jackhole Devon, but Best of Luck  ! 


  1. Oh HELL no. What a douche. At first I was like "man I feel kinda bad she's putting this guy on blast" and then I was like NOOOOOPE.

    1. You know I normally I respect peoples privacy but asshats don't deserve privacy lol

  2. Oh Devon, try acquiring manners. At least he's not interested in procreating..

  3. OMG! bhahahahahhahaha. That guy was a piece of work! But I love your responses. I wish I could be just as tactful when people are rude to me on the internets! baha