Skincare September !

Hay Y'all and Happy September ! Seriously when did it become September ....Summer Come Back ! Anywho I decided that this month I wanted to get back to basics , while beauty and makeup are my bread and butter I am a BIG believer in Skincare. Good Skin= Good Makeup ! Also After seeing Alicia Keys Makeup Free at the VMA's I'm reminded how important skincare is ! Skin is the largest organ on your whole body so you gotta take care of it guys ! So I thought I'd start by sharing my daily routine of products and what works for me ! 

I remember almost 5 years ago the first time friends told me about the clarisonic I remember saying " Why would I pay $100+ for this when my hands are free ! And THEN I started to breakout like I was a 13 year old boy who'c voice was about to drop ! It was THE worst ! So I gave in and got a clarisonic and I've been hooked ever since. I'm on my 2nd Clarisonic now but the Mia was the first version I had and I HIGHLY recommend it.

This is my everyday cleanser I generally only have hormonal breakouts and I would likely have more if I didn't use this cleanser ! 

3.Ole Henriksen- Walnut Complexion Scrub 
This is my every day exfoliator ! It's a physical exfoliator and I like to feel the little walnut bits removing old layers of skin ushering in a new baby soft face for the next day ! 

I use this little guy every morning and its the perfect serum for 20 somethings who are noticing things just aren't the same as they used to be. Original Skin will help your skin look fresher and brighter while diminishing the appearance of imperfections and my personal favorite PORES ! 

I Use this moisturizer morning and night , it leave my skin hydrated and NOT greasy ! #LOVETHAT

6.Kate Somerville-Exfolikate
On Sunday and Wednesday I pull out the big guns and use Exfolikate. This is a chemical AND physical exfoliator which means you feel the little grains exfoliate but you also feel a tingle or burn which is chemical exfoliation eating away at dead skin. BURNS SO GOOD ! 

Perfect prep before my makeup these little guys come in Sensitive,Regular and Extra Strength and give you a great foundation for the fabulous face you're about to show the world ! 

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorites and don't worry Skincare September has SO much more in store for you ...#Giveaways so stay tuned this month to find out all the awesome things we've got coming ! 


  1. I think my face is tooooo sensitive for a lot of these products, sadly BUT the you think it would work on sensitive skin?! Because it sounds delightful.

    1. Hi Valery I totally understand ! I think the serum would totally work for Origins is GREAT for sensitive skin. I also think you might like Belif Aqua Bomb and the Dr.Dennis Gross peel comes in a sensitive formula as well ! Hope that helps !

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