Treat Yo Self ! Hydra Facial @ Etre Belle Spa

The older I get the more I realize how right my mother has ALWAYS been about things. One thing that used to drive me crazy was her constantly asking "Did you take your makeup off". Guys I couldn't forget to take my makeup off if I wanted to ! At this point I could be in a hospital bed and I would still ask for a makeup remover wipe. I keep them in my car, in my purse and currently in my room I have no less than 10 unopened packs, so its safe to say her advice stuck with me. 

Thanks to my mom at this point in my life I am ALL about skincare ! While I keep a routine that includes cleansing,exfoliating,moisturizing and bi weekly masks I knew that as I got older I would have to go the extra mile if I wanted to look as good as my mom does, because while black don't crack you've still gotta take care of your skin and invest in it ! So the next step FACIALS ! 


While I've had facials before, and even a Hydra Facial  I wasn't quite sure if I should go with another or try something new.  So I thought it over and then I remembered my last Hydra Facial and how for 2 weeks after people told me my skin glowed. Seriously I glowed like a sweet baby angel ! So I said lets do this one more time and it was basically the best decision EVER.

The Hydra Facial starts by cleansing the skin , 3x for good measure. I sincerely want to pay someone to cleanse my skin this way every day it is SO very relaxing.

Next is the fun part this weird little machine basically exfoliates while infusing serums and hydration directly into the skin. This delivery system allows the serums to penetrate into deeper layers in the results making it one of the most effective skincare treatment delivery systems ! The delivery system is kinda like a tiny vaccum with moisture and it feels all sorts of awesome ! 

  Masks are my fave but this brush my facialist Miah used to apply the mask was MAGIC !
Game Changer ! 

Can I lay this way forever ? 

 This next part is only a little bit creepy lol


BONUS : B12 Shot ! 

While I was totally not gonna show you all my ass,while at Etre Belle I got a B12 shot. First of all I SWEAR by these. I suffer from Chronic Bronchitis generally brought on by quick weather change, thanks Texas. I normally have Bronchitis 2-3 times from October to March and its the WORST but last year I was Bronchitis Free thanks to B12 shots ! So I thought this year I would get a jump start on my ! 

B12 is a nutrient that helps keep nerve and blood cells healthy as well as birth healthy DNA. B12 shots have a number of benefits including increased energy which we all could use a little more of. When it came time to get my shot my girl Kristina went first so I wouldn't be nervous. When I got the shot I didn't even feel it , like I didn't realize it had happened ! Smallest needle EVER ! So If you feel a little tickle in your throat or just need a boost of energy, head over to Etre Belle and tell the Becca sent you ! 

*While services were given gratis all opinions expressed are my own 

Special Thanks to Etre Belle Beauty & Medical Spa , Carley, Kristina, Miah and Alyssa 

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