Throwback Thursday + Tinder Tuesday

Oh Hay y'all ! While the business of  beauty is keeping me hella busy these day I have not forgotten about you and your need for Train-wreck dating stories so I've decided to dig back into the archives of my mind for some stories to tell you all ! 

Truth be told I had no intentions of posting today and then I somehow remembered that on this week in 2015 I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 DAYS ! Please try to contain your laughter lol. I'm sure you're wondering but Becca how does this have anything to do with Tinder ? Well I met him on Tinder in 2013 but I'm getting ahead of myself so lets start at the beginning shall we ?

I First got Tinder in 2013 my senior year of college and I vividly remember swiping right on this guy because I thought he was just FIONE  like ALL the muscles y'all, and he was a trainer and yoga teacher ...SWOON ! Within 5 minutes of swiping right I got a message that said "I was hoping you'd swipe right" That was on a Tuesday and our first date was that Friday ! 

Now this next part DO NOT EVER DO THIS ! I let him pick me up. Online Dating No No #1  and while I'm a GREAT judge of character this is an easy way to get killed ! Lucky for me I AM a good judge of general character and I am clearly alive but seriously don't ! Drive yourself and meet in a public place ! Always be safe ladies ( P.S. Circle of 6 is a GREAT app to help ). 

Anywho when I opened the door he literally said "OMG you're gorgeous" So things went well obviously, fast forward and we had a perfect first date,that Friday we went to dinner, then to a friends party,then to hang with another group of his friends dancing and then to Sprinkles ( Y'all know I'm obsessed with sprinkles the disease is REAL) it remains to this day the BEST first date I've had. Our second date was awesome too we went to breakfast in gym clothes....things were going well. And then he started acting weird so being sass mouth me I asked n he said he felt like he wasn't ready to date so I said cool and moved on...till he had a new girlfriend 2 weeks later. I was not happy but I believe firmly in Karma so I let it go. 

Fast forward to the end of semester whats-his-face apologized and congratulated me on Graduation yada yada yada. But after that we became friends,not like hang out and go to the movies friends but phone calls and text convos and it stayed like that for a little over a year !  Weird Right ? I thought so too.Then last year on Easter Sunday I had an AHA ! Moment.  
I had found the PERFECT girl for him and it wasn't me ! She was closer to him in age ( he's 7 years older than me ) and they literally have so many similar interests, did I mention they both taught yoga ! #PERFECT So I called to tell him I had found him the perfect girl and he politely told me He only wanted to be with me ...WHAAA !?! Not gonna lie that was news to me considering when we dated he peaced out REAL quick and dated someone else. I mean its my experience that men who like you act like it ! So what happened next ? How did he go from a declaration of emotion to boyfriend to ex-boyfriend in less than 10 Days ? Well that my darlings is a story for next week ! 

See y'all next week for part 2 of Throwback Thursday :Tinder Tuesday ! 

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