Tinder Tuesday: 2nd Date or Nah ?

So last Tinder Tuesday I kinda didn't and I left you all hanging. I know I'm terrible but again the title of this blog is "A Pretty Hot Mess" and well sometimes ole girl just can't pull it together. B its a new Tuesday and a new month so you all get a new Tinder Tuesday and the Dramatic Conclusion of "The TJ Tinder Saga" I just decided to call it that, you're welcome.
So lets dive into what happened after my date with TJ as I told you guys I texted TJ after our date and he said we should hang out again ...That was on Tuesday and I didn't here from him Wednesday after I sent a text. 

After I didn't receive a reply on Thursday, Friday or Saturday by Sunday I pretty much assumed that was the end but lets be honest this is me we're talking about and as a proud sass-mouth I couldn't just leave it there. Look I put the "B" in subtle and if we're being 1000% honest I'm a girl and I've got so many child bearing years left. Mama does not have time to dilly dally !  So I sent him the following text "So is it safe to assume that your'e not that into me ? Lol and this is the response I received the next day 

I had SO many thoughts when I received this text but if I'm honest this was literally the NICEST rejection of my life ! Let me 1000% honest, in a dating landscape where not responding for days is common place and ghosting on someone is just something that we've come to accept it was so refreshing to ask a man a question and not only get an answer but an honest one at that. Was I upset that a cute guy who actually had his life together was unable to pursue dating with me further ? Well Yes obviously ! But this response gave me SO much hope for my dating future. Hope that maybe one day I'll find someone who is as wonderful as my Dad was to my mom and who thinks I hung the moon, I know I deserve that.

Now TJ said he would love to hang out when our schedules allow but I haven't heard from him since that text message and I don't think I will . But its the thought that counts right ? haha 

Now that we've got that out of the way I told you all that Tinder Tuesday would be ending and I re-downloaded the app just to make sure that I really meant it ... the things I have seen you guys . Among other things WAY too many guys with brows better than mine and let me be clear I MUST have the best brows in any relationship I'm in ...NOT SORRY ! But honestly I have outgrown Tinder, the majority of the men are not looking for commitment but a good time and while I am the BEST time , I am dating with intention and I just feel there are MANY other dating apps,websites and services to help me find a like minded partner. 

That said I need your help ! Tinder Tuesday is ending but my dating adventures are just getting started and I want to hear from you .What dating app,website or service do you think I should try next ? Or do you have any tips for a single and fabulous girl like myself ? Leave it in the comments ! I can't wait to hear your feedback and share my next adventure with you all ! 


  1. Not single here, but I have heard good things about Coffee Meets Bagels and Bumble!

  2. OKCupid is how my brother met his fiancé!

  3. I just had a friend join eHarmony after years of staying off of it. From what she said it's pretty pricy, but they basically question you like you are on trial �� I have played around on Bumble for my friend and she likes it! I'll miss Tinder Tuesdays, but love that you recognized that you are dating with intention.

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