Whole 30-ing

Oh Hey Y'all long time no talk ! ( Literally story of this blogs life ) 
Welcome to my Birthday Month ! It going to be AMAZING and  honest to God I have EVERY intention of LIVING MY BEST LIFE. So in that spirit  I have spent the last 27 Days of my life on Whole 30.

TF is Whole 30 ? 

While you can read more about Whole 30 here in a nut shell Whole 30 is a fast of sorts that cuts out Sugar,Dairy,Grains,Beans and basically anything worth living for, for 30 Days. 

But Becca Why ? 

Why would you decide to give up sugar and booze and cheese Becca Think.Of. The Cheese ! Well the answer for me is pretty simple . I am addicted to sugar ...It kinda feels good to admit that. Is that weird ? Anywho the sugar addiction has become too real and it's funny because if you had talked to me just two short years ago that was SO not the case. I didn't grow up in a "Sugar House" dessert was not a thing we did. I literally never even had white bread or cereal other than cheerios unless I went to a friends house( Shoutout to my mom for caring too much ). But about 2 summers ago I got a sugar craving that never went away .I chalked it up to my lady time but after 2 weeks you gotta let that go. I literally tried SO many things, Alkaline water, hot yoga but here we are too years later and the ladies in the Central Market Bakery and Gellato counter know me by name ( Shoutout to Becky and especially Allyson who gives me Gellato !) 

So after realizing my addiction and wanting to take this year to "Live My Best Life" I followed my girlfriend Lindsey's advice and decided to take the plunge and Whole 30. This seemed like a fantastic step on the path to Adulting 

What I Eat 
Everything I am permitted to eat ! All the fruits,veggies and protein. I eat eggs like there will be a shortage and I'm mildly concerned about my avocado consumption haha. The one weird thing that I have eaten consistently during all of this ....Lobster Tails ! But before you tell me I'm Bougie AF you should know I buy the frozen Canadian ones and that save A LOT. Lobster gives me that little bit of sweetness that I miss and makes me slightly less sad that I can't have queso 

What I Miss 

I literally miss foods I don't even eat. Week one I all but crumbled in the pasta isle. Did I mention I don't eat pasta ? Like seriously I don't at one point I went 2 years without it. Pasta just isn't something I ever crave but man has that changed. The thought of penne and alfredo sauce makes me excited right now so ya my body is not my own. I also would sell my makeup for chips and queso. 

Fav Meals 

For Breakfast I LOVE a veggie scramble with avocado and Whole 30 approved bacon and berries. Like I said I eat A LOT of Eggs and its a pretty easy thing to make when you cant think and you just throw things in em and ya it works ! Roasted Vegetables are my JAM especially portabello mushrooms and asparagus and again LOBSTER also shrimp and oysters. As far as store bought food you MUST read labels ! EVERYTHING has sugar even the things you didn't think had sugar do, and they have A LOT ! La Croix Sparkling Waters and LARA bars are some of my fav's but make sure the LARA bars are approved ( Nothing with peanuts ! ) 

Final Thoughts 

I've still got 3 days to go but so far this has actually been a great experience! I have proved to myself I am SO much stronger than I thought AND my skin is like a baby's butt ! TBH  I'm thinking of doing it again , crazy but I LOVE how great I've felt through this whole process and I would love to see what added benefits it could have for me in a 2nd round !

Hopefully this was mildly helpful and semi informative for anyone considering Whole 30 and if you have any questions comments or concerns feel free to leave them in the comments section below ! 

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