TINDER TUESDAY: Fabulous First Date

HEY GIRL HEY ! ( or boy whatever) So glad you're back to hear the conclusion of last weeks Tinder Tuesday ! Sorry its so late I'm recovering from sickness ( that's another Whole30 related post for later)

Before we dive in though can we take a second to admire my AMAZING new logo by my girl Kristina of LE REBELLE CREATIVE ! I'm SO VERY obsessed ! I mean seriously how gorgeous is it ! 
 But back to the date ! Let me start by being honest and telling you all some details I left out. I told you all this was a spur of the moment situation but there are other details I left out so don't worry I'll fill in those blanks plus tell you all how my date went ! 

Let start with date location ....He asked me to go to Applebees and let me be honest I am NOT an Applebees kinda girl. I'm Bougie and I will own that till the day I die but blame my mom cuz she never took me there ( or to Olive Garden for that matter) mom thinks they serve basic food and if shes going to pay for a meal it best not be basic !  I have been to Applebees twice in my entire life once on the way to college conference in Oklahoma and the 2nd time because a friend forced me to after yoga.My initial reaction was to call my mom and ask her what to do and she said go because taste in restaurants can be taught. So obviously I went ! 

I arrived first and sat in my car because ya know anxiety my date then called and asked if I was there he said he was pulling in and he was purposely a few minutes late because he knew I would be too ( fair comment ). So I decide to walk in and sit at the bar. The date calls me again and asks where I am ( I watching him walk in and sit at the other end of the restaurant because I'm a creep lol ) I tell him I'm at the bar and he comes over . He sits next to me and gives me a hug and asks how I'm doing... better now that you're here cuz you're Hotter than I expected #BlessUp. Just now realizing you don't know his name so for the sake of the story we'll call him TJ  ( That's the fake name he used on tinder anyway haha ) So TJ and I get to talking and since we've been texting all of the awkward preliminaries are out of the way. 

You guys I've gotta be honest the conversation is AMAZING we covered all the things they say don't discuss on a first date, politics,religion and what our bartender could've possibly done to earn that $100 tip from the creepiest man in the history of EVER . On the advice of my girlfriend I asked TJ who he voted for ! She said it was more about could a man back up his reasoning, so I asked and his answer made me swoon. It was SO well thought out y'all and SO well defended I literally gave him a side hug and rubbed his shoulder ( cuz any excuse for physical contact duh ). Basically the date went on like this for almost 2 hours and I could bore you to death with the details but TJ as a person was bomb. com. Smart,Goal Oriented, and a Hot Tamale ! We eneded the date because ya know he had work in the AM so we left he gave me a hug and we said our good byes ( no kiss but I got a solid hug so I was fine with it ). After the date I texted him and said thank you and he said we should go out again ! Good Right ? 

Well what happened post date ? Are TJ and I still dating ? Have we gone somewhere other than Applebees ? Am I planning our life together ? Well I guess you'll have to come back and find out next week ! Can't wait to tell you all the rest ... It's good y'all, REAL Good !


  1. ������ I'm so excited to read about the rest!!!

  2. I hate that you're breaking these posts up into chapters!!! Oh the anticipation.

  3. No new Tinder Tuesday this week?

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