Tinder Tuesday Date Night

It's Tinder Tuesday Y'all and boy have I missed the RUSH of swiping right ! 

But CONFESSION TIME .... I deleted Tinder months ago ! I know I know no more tinder Tuesdays but before I close that chapter I've got at least one more story to tell before I decide to potentially close this chapter of my journey.

Back in December I deleted Tinder but before I did I swiped right on a really cute guy and gave him my number. I told him I had no intentions of being on Tinder anymore so he would have to get at me the old fashioned way, well he did and we talked,he and I just talked ! He called and he texted not everyday but he got to know me slowly and I have to say some part of me appreciated that. He's an engineer and I'm Makeup Artist so crazy schedules are kind of a thing but after a month of talking I did ask if he was a Catfish ! But seriously y'all have seen the show and Catfish-ing is SO real literally I've had someone use MY picture to Catfish someone ! People are CRAZY !  But he insisted he wasn't so I let it slide and then he went 
Radio Silent ! 

Fast Forward to  March 1st after about a month of hearing nothing and I get this Facebook message " Hey Becca I'm soooo sorry for falling off the face of the earth. My phone got run over and I lost everything including your number. I promise I'm not a catfish and I'm ready to meet if you still are. I had to get creative in finding you. I gotta get points for that right?" When a girl gets a message like this many things come to mind such as 
1. Why did it take you a MONTH to get back to me 
2. WHY did it take you a A MONTH to get back to me

but after that I thought well he actually only knows my first name and well if it were me I maybe have priorities other than finding a guys number first thing when I get a new phone so I let him live haha 

So last week on a random Tuesday A REAL TINDER TUESDAY he asked me out and despite my strong need to do laundry I decided to say yes and managed to do my hair makeup AND get dressed in 45 min ! What is my life right ! So I left the house and off I went I get there before him #Shock and sat at the bar.... The rest of the night ? Well that's a story for next week !

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