Wedding Wednesday: Sarah's Bridals

A few weeks ago when I did my blog survey one thing you all said you wanted more of was sneak peaks into my business and what it is I do for a living . 75% of what I do is weddings and the events leading up to ,so Wedding Wednesdays are back with pretty pictures and more behind the scenes stories ! 

Sarah and her sister Lauren

Photography by Cassie Madden Photography 

So this is probably one of my most favorite Bridal Photo Makeups I've done in recent memory, largely in part to the brides stylist sister who came with VERY specific directions. When I asked what the bride wanted her sister replied "I'm thinking Sexy Baby".I literally DIED but those two words "Sexy Baby" Informed every decision I made. We went for a look of innocence with a little bit of sensuality ...think soft glowy skin with soft color on the cheeks and lips and the end result was everything I've ever wanted ! 

Sarah and her sister are the best people y'all ! Seriously the best (If I told you how I became friends with Sarah you would judge me SO harshly) the girls took frequent breaks to play with my dogs because well they need ALL the attention haha. Aside from that this was such and easy job because Sarah isn't a girl who needs TONS of makeup or has 1000 stipulations. LOVE a low key bride ! 

Anywho that's all for this weeks Wedding Wednesday ! I'll be back with more next week ! 

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