BYOB : Be Your Own Bae

DressShoes ,Bouquet & Flower Crown c/o R Love Floral ,Cupcakes,Cookies and Macarons c/o Leah's Sweet Treats Jewelry Kendra Scott,Donuts c/o Funky Town Donuts ,Photography by Alyssa Turner 

Well kids its the week of Valentines day and here I am Valentine free ...but tbh based on the success of my "Tinder Tuesday's" did you expect anything different ? Ok glad that's settled ! So knowing I would be alone I said ya know what Becca ...Treat Yo Self ! Be Your Own Bae ! If Kim Zolciak can have giant naked photos in her house (which I'm mildly jealous of cuz I am NOT that hot ) Then you Becca deserve a Valentines Day Shoot because if you don't treat yourself who will ! But I'm not just sharing pictures of myself I'm better than that and because I'm unselfish I've decided to bless y'all with info on two of  THE BEST Valentines gifts ever for yourself or the Not So Basic Bae in your life ! Seriously you need these things just trust me ! 

Flowers are kind of a big deal as far as Valentines day is concerned but to be honest I love them whether it Valentines day or not. Having them in my Makeup Room/ Office always makes the mood a little brighter and makes the space a happier one.  So when I decided to do this post I knew to call my girl Raquel of R Love Floral ! She asked what I wanted and I told her make this bouquet as Valentine-y as possible. ( and then the night before I was like throw in a flower crown if you can and she did) She's Bomb like that !
 Flowers are one thing I ALWAYS buy myself. I'm not really of the belief that a guy can only get you these things. I've been single for a long time now and firmly believe that I should be able to buy myself anything a guy can buy me because I'm a BOSS but also because I like flowers and I don't have time to wait for someone to send them ( I could literally be my funeral) So Ladies & fellas shopping for Floral Arrangements contact Raquel she's got bouquets at a number of price points to make your sweetheart swoon ! 

On to arguably one of the most important parts of Valentines Day ... THE SWEETS ! Real talk If I wasn't starting Whole 30 I would be stalking the Post Valentines Day sale for the candy but Fresh Treats are the best Treats so I am OBVIOUSLY gonna tell you to go to Leah's Sweet Treats . Leah has cookies,cupcakes,brownies, and BONUS Funky Town Donuts ! There is literally an option for everyone ! Also I have to tell you that Leah added Macarons to her roster last month and they are hands down The BEST I've tasted not only that buy they are SO stinking big ! I highly suggest you go and get some ! 

Now that I've set you straight you've got about 2, 3 days tops to get your life and make Valentines Day FETCH AF be it for yourself or you BAE ! but before I leave I'll leave you with a little Mom-Like PSA...

Valentines Day is the celebration of love and in the Words of RuPaul " If you can't love yourself,how in the hell you gonna love somebody else" ! I think this is SO important to remember. I know I'm always talking about dates ,dating and finding the guy but before you can do ANY of that you have to love yourself ! Anyone who knows me knows I'm Low Key Obsessed with myself I think I'm the best and you can't tell me different ! It's not me being vain its just that I know what I'm worth so this Valentines day I encourage you to Be Your Own Bae and celebrate yourself, be it with Flowers,Cupcakes or just some much needed alone time I promise you won't regret it ! 

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