Tinder Tuedsay :Manbun Part Deux !

Welcome to Tinder Tuesday ! I hope you're having a bad ass week and if you're not it is my hope that my misfortune in dating will bring a little joy to your day. So I suppose you're wondering how things went with "Sexy Manbun" ? Well as you recall the date ended pretty fantastically I mean he's a solid B level kisser which on a first date is basically best case scenario !

After our date Manbun and I texted and chatted and the next day I sent a text and we chatted a little more and after that Radio Silence y'all !  Me being who I am I will put forth effort  I mean I asked him out ! However at a certain point you gotta give me a little something. So 1 day went by then 2 then 3 then a week and I thought to myself was it in my head ? But lets be real guys don't typically try to kiss ya if they aren't somewhat interested ? Right ? Ok cool glad that's cleared up. So me being who I am I sent a text and it went a little something like this 

So lets break this down I asked a really simple question like are you into me...OR NAH ? There are times in life where you volunteer too much information and this ladies and gentleman is one of them. Manbun has a lil case of the word voms. The fact is I asked a simple question to which there was a far simpler answer. Something like " I think you're great , just maybe not the girl for me". Had he said that I'd be like cool no harm no foul see you at the 10 year reunion. But he had to over share. We went on 1 date ! We were not "dating" each other by any means and I'm not your girlfriend so you owe me NONE of the information that you shared ! I don't wanna know about everyone you're dating you could be dating 20 people for all I care and since you're single that's cool do you boo !  Live Your Truth ! Not my business

I'm sure you're thinking Becca but he was honest ! You're right but he was but his honest leads to more questions that we all know he's never going to answer. Like the 3 day period of no contact between our last contact and you meeting this alleged new girl which means there were 3 days you could have let me know. Is that just me with the common decency? I suppose I'm just not a fan of sending mixed signals. I'm sure you all wonder how I responded and well it was like this 

I tried to keep it classy but I can't pretend I wasn't annoyed ! Like cumon man we're all adults plus I know you ! I knew you b4 this and I'll still run into you after.  He probably couldve handled it better and I hope he doesn't change his mind later because I mean hello I'm amazing ! 
The fact is dating in 2015 is hard y'all but these adventures will maybe lead to a book deal in 2 years right ? Totally kidding ! But it's tough to put forth effort only to get shut down but you can't win em all . Truth be told I will try as long as it takes cuz I'm old fashioned and ultimately I believe in love and relationships. So I'll see you all next week for my next adventure ! 

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