Tinder Thursday

Today is Tinder Thursday y'all for literally no other reason than that I can't pull my life together ! Tuesday was my first day off after 14 working so I was a little drunk on freedom and for that I'm sorry .

So this week as 2015 comes to a close I thought I would give you all a little best of Tinder Tuesday 2015 ! So here are some of my funniest moments on Tinder this year...

1. The Guy who was gonna kill me because how else could this convo end !

2.PimpReal Y'all ! 

3. The guy who just threw it out there !

4. The guy who thought women were for his consumption ! Newsflash I wear makeup cuz I want to !

5. Just because his name is dedication lol

6. The guy who just wanted a girl to share a Twix with ...No KitKats allowed y'all ! 

7.The man who had to be schooled on how to talk to women ! 

Clearly its been an interesting year on tinder for me but without it what would I do for entertainment !?! Honestly though I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store ! Should be fun !  

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