So fun story I actually shot this look with Angie Garcia 2 weeks ago and am just posting it today because of who I am as a person ! JK, My business actually got really swamped with last minute holiday projects so that took priority,however I have learned that my readership is quite a bit larger than I had previously thought and isn't just my mom ! So I'm working on some things for 2016 already and I can't wait to share them with you ! Hint: Color of the Year Y'all Color of the Year ! 

Anywho this look was pretty simple tbh no lashes or anything crazy just a good wing and a Red Lip from Jeffree Star Cosmetics ! Also let us discuss this highlight I used MAC Shaft of Gold and I'm OBSESSED ! It photographs so subtly but in real life I'm SO glowy ! Honestly this is a pretty great everyday look for many girls and certainly NOT reserved for the holidays but it can just as well be used on Christmas and NYE for a little dramatic flair ! 

Hope you all are enjoying you holiday with family ! I'm going to go drink some Sangria because the date I had planned cancelled because you know he's in the hospital ! Seriously guys could my dating life be anymore unreal and ridiculous? I don't think so ! But more on that soon ! Enjoy your time with your loved ones and Merry Christmas Everyone !  

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