Back At It + Tinder Tuesday

Hey y'all I've missed you ! Sometimes in this life things get a little crazy and you gotta put the fun stuff on the back burner but I'm back and with no shortage of stories to tell you ! It's been an eventful few months in business and I even put dating on hold and deleted tinder for a bit ! Shocking right ?

 But one night about a month ago I decided to add tinder back just to see what was going on and I had a message from a guy I know from high school. One thing I like about tinder is its based on your location so it is highly likely that you could match with someone you already know. Why is this great ? Because it lets you know that there is at best some form a mutual attraction between you and your match , thus clearing the way for actual interaction  and less awkwardness. 
I'm actually  facebook friends with this guy and I like his posts, I've seen him at Target which basically made him perfect because Target is life . So I decided to ask him out because feminism jk I did it because I do what I want and I don't have time to play games and be subtle and wait for someone to ask me out, I may literally be dead at that point. So I asked him out he said yes because well I'm me Le duh ! jk I was totally nervous and thought he would say no but he said yes, WHOOP ! 

So date night arrives and I tried y'all I REALLY tried there was makeup AND eyelashes ! I copped out and 
went basic with the lips with MAC Oh Baby but you know sometimes it just happens that way . 

So I arrived at our date location to find that my date had gotten hot since high school, I'm talking manbun+beard hot ! I walked in and got a hug and the date basically went well from there ! It was trivia night at the bar we went to so we played a few rounds ordered dinner and had a few drinks. We caught up on each others lives since high school and talked about random stuff because well this is me we are talking about .Then there was the part of the night when the trivia master asked for my song request. I chose Phil Collins " In the Air Tonight" if you think I didn't perform a full Air Drum Solo on a first date then you don't know me at all ! I was fully expecting him to walk away slowly after but he didn't and we both ordered desert drinks before we got the check. In case you wondered we split the check which didn't bother me because I asked him out and I was fully prepared for that because manners. So the date ends we leave the bar and we do the awkward goodbye dance. The are we gonna hug ?  Are we gonna kiss ? Was this actually a date ?  Well let me confirm he said " I had a lot of fun on this date, if I can call it a date" I told him he could. And then....he asked if he could kiss me ! I said yes ! I know they say don't kiss and tell but I do what I want and I give him a B ! 

So what happened after the date ? Well that's where it gets interesting kids but that's a story for next Tinder Tuesday ! In the mean time please enjoy this video of me on Tinder ! 


  1. Why did you have to leave us hanging?! I'm so curious!!!

  2. The video is why we are friends and Mexico roomies.