Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : Beauty Buys

So unless you live under a rock you know that the Nordstrom Anniversary is here because lets face it EVERY blogger has posted no less than 2 blogs regarding the sale ! Well I'm joining the ranks of those bloggers and giving you a last minute round up of some of my favorite beauty buys before the sale ends in just 3 Days ! Time to stock up and save !


One thing that is alwayes in my vanity are is candles I always feel relaxed when I have them around especially when I'm rushing around getting ready and doing my make up. 


I'll be  honest I'm the girl who totally didn't believe in Clarisonic and said "I can wash my face with my hands for free". While this is still true your hands will never get your face is clean as your Clarisonic which gets you a six times deeper clean then just washing with your hands alone. High Tech tools are generally a splurge for most of us so why not buy while it's on sale !


Oh GHD how I love you ! Some of you may know that I lost my CHI of 8 years a few months back ( RIP boo). After months of weighing pros and cons I finally settled on the GHD and I'm so glad I did. Best straightener I have used in a while !
Blush Palette
I'm gonna be honest, I'm a sucker for a blush palette but how could you not be for this awesome one from NARS. The palette includes two blushes,a highlighter, bronzer AND a mini Ita brush ! Go ahead and get it, I've given you permission so it's ok ! 

So maybe I am a gift hoarder whatever but that way I'm ready when an occasion arises. This lil gift set is coming your way Mom ! ( I'm counting on the fact that she doesn't read the blog unless I ask her to, thus she will have no clue ) 

Now go forth and enjoy your weekend and I'll see ya next week ! 

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