Hot Mess Spa Day : Etre Belle Dallas

Etre Belle Beauty and Medical Spa 

Obsessed with these infuser water bottles !


Pedicure Area

Mani's Anyone ?

Can I move in ? 

Give me ALL the Obagi !

Spa water I Love You

Some of the AMAZING staff ! 

One thing about me is that I forget things ( shocking I know #sarcasm), I would forget my own name if people didn't yell it so frequently. So I kinda forgot that my girlfriend Carley had been asking me to come to the Spa she worked at and try some services. I'm sure you're like really Becca how could you forget that but lets be honest I'm an adult woman who would rather eat fruit snacks then go out on a Friday night, are you really surprised ? #NotARealAdult  
Anywho a few months ago the spa got a face lift and is now Etre Belle Beauty and Medical Spa (Formerly Renew)  and let me tell you changes are AMAZING y'all ! In addition to offering all the things they did before Etre Belle now offers Med Spa services like Botox and Cool Sculpting ! Yes I know now you're excited! 

So a few weeks back I finally went in to experience the Spa in all its glory. While at Etre Belle I got to experience 2 fantastic services, a massage and facial and well I'm basically ready to move in or at the very least ask my masseuse and esthetician if they would like to move in. Like sincerely Hoda and V y'all come over anytime you want girls ! So I thought I would give y'all a lil breakdown 

The Massage 

Oh what can I say about my massage ? So many things really ! I spent the majority of the massage somewhere in between  I'm so relaxed I'm gonna fall asleep and this is too good to fall asleep, must soak in EVERY second. My masseuse V was y'all ! Sincerely her tiny little hands packed a punch ! Let me be clear my body is NOT small and she got up in there ! I left feeling so relaxed and so ready for my next service. Can I have one of these massages every day ? I swear I would be 1000 times more productive ! 

The Facial 

When I walked into the room for my facial Hoda ( yes we are on a first name basis ), my esthetician told me that most clients typically come in and choose their service but she wanted to take a look at my skin and let it "talk to her" so she could decide what it needed. Should you go in for a facial I would totally recommend letting your esthetician decide what you need. So often we think we know what our skin needs but we are often wrong so why not let the professionals decide. Hoda decided that I needed a HydraFacial and let me tell you it was the best facial of my life ! HydraFacial is for ALL skin types and addresses a number of issues. For me addressing my enlarged pores, oiliness and the overall evenness of my skin tone were the most important things . When I left the room my face glowed like a sweet baby angel. I got my facial on a Tuesday and people that weekend were like oh my goodness your skin is beautiful, so thanks Hoda ! You the real MVP 

Overall I could not have had a better experience. The environment is SO conducive to relaxation you couldn't be stressed out if you tried . I feel like everyone deserves a day to relax so as a lil present Etre Belle Spa is offering 10% off of services to my readers cuz girl you Earned It !  ( Imagine I was signing that like The Weekend because I was ) Any way go Treat Yourself Beautifully at Etre Belle, because no one has ever regretted taking care of themselves ! 

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