The Makeup Show Dallas 2015

Today is the day kids The Makeup Show Dallas, basically a makeup artists Christmas and I couldn't be more excited ! For the 2nd time in a year The Makeup Show is gracing our beautiful Lone Star State with its presence featuring 200 Brands and 70 booths ! Yesterday I got to attend the blogger preview for the event and let me tell you it's going to be AMAZE ! I realize trade shows can sometimes be overwhelming so here are my Top 5 booths, big and small that you need to see ! 

5. The Perfect Face Cosmetics - Booth B1

Last year by chance I happened to meet the creator and founder of TFP Cosmetics Danielle Doyle and goodness if she is not the sweetest little #GIRLBOSS you could ever hope to meet ! in Addition to selling her fantastic products Danielle will also be teaching a Pageant Makeup Seminar in Seminar A from 10:45-11:45. Even if you're not interested in Pageant makeup Danielle has a wealth of knowledge to share so stop by her booth and tell her hi ! 

4. OCC Cosmetics-Booth B8

Unless you live under a rock you know of the Magic that is OCC Lip Tar and this summer OCC is comin in HOT with a brand new collection called "Cosplay" to help you kick it up a notch. be warned you will leave this booth like what just happened ? I came for one thing i have 7 Lip tars 2 brushes and complexion products, what is my life ? 

3. Kevyn Acoin- Booth B22

Kevyn Acoin is the God Father of Modern makeup and if you need a worthwhile splurge this is the booth to do it at. Might I suggest The Sensual Skin Enhancer, you'll thank me later !

2. Bdellium Tools- Booth C16

Another brand I was introduced to at last years show Bdellim tools is the BEST. Quality artistry brushes that dont cost an arm and a leg ! P.S. The "B" is silent !

1. Makeup Forever - Booth A7

Drumroll please kids cuz MUFE is basically the GranDaddy Purp of this whole shebang and this weekend they're introducing the new HD Ultra Foundation and I am too ready

Hopefully those will help you through the maze that is The Makeup Show Dallas and don't forget to follow me on Snap Chat and Instagram for all the behind the scenes fun beccaashmon on both accounts ! See ya next week, I'll be the girl living under a bridge with FABULOUS makeup !

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