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Makeup Show Dallas Hangover 

So unless you live under some rock in an alternate universe you've heard of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and their miracle product Lip Tar. If you have not heard of the brand or the miracle of Lip Tar I insist you take the next 5 minutes to familiarize yourself with the joy and wonderment that is OCC before reading any further.

Now that thats out of the way lets move on Among all the other lovely brands at the Makeup Show was the obvious shining beacon of awesomeness that is OCC ! Aside from producing AMAZING products the entire line is Vegan and "Cruelty-Free" Yay Bunnies ! The staff is literally THE most fun, anyone who knows me knows that I will make friends with anyone and act like I've known you forever which I basically did with all the staff. I sat in their chairs and made them take pictures with me and I referred to the Brand Creator on a first name basis , and yes I said brand creator ! ( The best part of the makeup show is that you get to meet brand founders,educators and makeup celebs not of the YouTube Variety #NoShade

Nicky you da best ! 

My lips gave me SO much life y'all ! 
Brand Creator David Klasfeld 

Bae for the Day ! 
While I was hanging at the booth I was given a mini tour of their new Cosplay collection which I have been lusting after hard because my Guncle ( Thats Gay Uncle Obvs)  in my head Willam is the face of the collection and I die for him. You should've won your Drag Race Season Willam.... I LOVE YOU  !  
*It should be noted that I took a 10 minute break from typing this blog post to listen to Willam's song Thick Thighs and watch some throwback Willam's Beatdown. I have no shame this is also probably why I'm single but whatever Thick Thighs DO save lives y'all ! 

OCC Cosplay Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Lip Tar 
OCC Cosplay Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Nails

Anywho one thing I love most about OCC is that they do a great job of making colors for the basics and the baddies cuz be real how many basics do you know rockin' green lips ant day other than March 17th...don't worry I'll wait ! But sincerely the brand does a great job of making colors for every occasion be it a day at the office or a weekend at EDC they always have you covered and I Love that ! 

OCC is such a badass company and it just so happens that this weekend they are giving you an extra bit of Badassery and giving you 40% OFF ! Say What ! I know your'e dying, you're so happy and I'm happy for you. Now go buy makeup and have a fantastic weekend ! 

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