Hot Mess Goes to a Bachelorette Party

Disclaimer: This Post has 0 to do with beauty !

As most of you know I'm a Makeup Artist who specializes in Weddings so what that really means is my weekends are not my own . But this weekend was a rare occasion and my sweet ass was off for my girl Catherine's last hurrah before her wedding on the 15th ( 11 Days Whoop) !

I had the BEST time with the Best group of people ! Night One was Gatsby Themed and we went out on 6th Street and attempted to complete a scavenger hunt. In case you wondered I won and got some very interesting relationship advice from a lovely group of Irishmen.

Day 2 We rented a party barge on Lake Travis and things got real ! Shout Out to SMU Fiji for feeding me your punch and also reminding me that I'm not 21 anymore. Also Shout Out to ATX Tinder ,you boys really know how to make a girl feel welcome (more on that tomorrow for Tinder Tuesday)

I really had such a great time in Austin this weekend but tbh I can show you better than I can tell you so here are the pictures I can post without my mother being too ashamed of me.

I started out cute y'all !  There was a super cute photo booth wall that everyone took pictures on but I did not because I felt 3 pairs of lashes necessary for the night.

This is basically my life 

Can you guess which ones are mine !?!

Hay Mr. Fireman ! 

Bomb Koozies  ! 

We're on a BOAT ...AND we have a Selfie Stick !

Captain Becca ! 
The Best Cake EVER from Leah's Sweet Treats ! If you have not tried her cake RUN don't walk and go try some its AMAZE 


It Really Did ! 

P.S. Brooke Thibodeaux you're the real MVP of this weekend for planning it and making it so awesome ! You Da Best !  

See y'all tomorrow for Tinder Tuesday ! 

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