For the price of Lilly for Target

It's been 72 hours now so I feel like its safe to come out an discuss the fiasco that was Lilly For Target. Women at Target stores around the nation lined up bright and early for some high end designs at bargain basement prices and while some store were fantastic (like mine shout out to South Arlington Super Target we apparently have good kind people ) other stores included scenes like this

 and this 

If you were lucky like me you probably got things that you wanted but if not here is a list of fantastic beauty products that you can buy instead to drown your sorrows ! 

1. Double Zip Case in Fan Dance-$22.99

  For only a penny more you can get my favorite mascara Too Faced Better than Sex !

and lets be real whats more important your makeup or the bag that holds it ? 

2.Porcelain Plates with 18K Gold -$35

You will literally NEVER eat on these they are there to look pretty, unlike your lips which are multi use and help you eat, speak AND look pretty ! So for $4 more you can grab this Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Lipstick Palette which I promise is MUCH more useful ! 

3. Shift Dress in See Ya Later -$38

 Yes this dress is cute but you know what else is cute good eye shadows like these fantastic neutral matte shades in the Tartlette Palette ! They're  $6 more than the dress but with all the neutrals which will you really get the most use out of because you can only be photographed in the dress once... AMIRIGHT !?!

4. Weekender Bag in Nosie Posey -$50

If I have any regrets about the things I didn't buy this might be the item I wish I had gotten but I remind myself that I have this BOMBTACULAR Bronzer Wardrobe, granted I can't use it on myself but its pretty and it makes me happy so whatever !

5. Patio Umbrella in Boom Boom -$100

I get it you want a cute patio but you know what, that's why God made Mexican restaurants ! With this $100 you can get AT MINIMUM 10 Mambo taxis and still have money to tip your waiter ! Like what ! Cuz lets be real no one remembers the times they had under a Lilly umbrella but what you will remember are the good times you and your girls had over margs talking about your latest bad date. If you want something that will last longer than those Mambos you can always grab a new Clarisonic Mia for $99 ! 

If this still wasn't enough to drown your sorrows head back to my instagram @beccaashmon later today for a little Lilly for Target pick me up !

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