Makeup Forever Primers : Part 2

Welcome back to part two of my run down of Makeup Forever's Primers ! The Next 5 Primers are radiant color correctors to help bring a little sparkle and shine to your skin !

#6 Cool Pink Radiant 

For general radiance I love this primer also this primer and any of the other can be added to your foundation if you're more of a 1 step kind of girl .

#7 Blue Radiant

If you want to counteract yellowness or sallow undertones in skin this babies for you ! 

#8 Peach Radiant 

So Even though I LOVE the caramel radiant, peach could be my side piece and serves as a great highlighter on darker skin tones.    

#9 Yellow Radiant 

Its the white girl version of peach radiant and makes a great highlighter on light to medium skin tones for all my pasty princesses who NEED to highlight on the daily.

#10  Caramel Radiant 

Lover, a word that usually bums me out unless sandwiched between the words "meat" and "pizza"but I might categorize Caramel Radiant Primer as my lover as the Mattifying Primer is my main. Fun Fact I actually have lots of scarring on my face because in my early 20's my skin though acne would be cute ( it wasn't). The Caramel color of this primer does wonders for my skin, by evening out the tone and making the spots I have invisible ! 

If you've decided that you love these Primers like I do. You can head to your local Makeup Forever store ( If you're in DFW make the trip to North Park and visit with the Dallas Tribe) or Sephora store to grab them or if you're stayin' in on this Monday you can grab Makeup Forevers new primers here

Well Kiddos that concludes my little rundown of Makeup Forevers new primers.Special Thanks to Makeup Forever, Holly Jo,Joseph,Laura,Jamie and the rest of the Dallas Tribe ! Thank Y'all for always welcoming me and having me in store to learn and talk awkward pictures. BIG thanks to my photographer Alyssa Turner Photography you da best Alyssa !  

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