Makeup Forever Primers : Part 1

So a few weeks ago I rolled into Makeup Forever as I like to do on a casual shopping Sunday fueled by a pitcher of mimosa.  I knew that MUFE had some new Equalizers/Primers coming out and was excited to try ,but if I'm honest I wasn't really expecting too much. I took two samples home that day and used them both on Monday #OBSESSED. So I then promptly called the store told them of my deep and undying love for there product and that I wanted to share it with you fabulous people and now here we are ! 

Makeup Forever has released 10 Equalizers/ Primers to address virtually any issue your skin might have. Redness ? No Problem, Oily, they've got you covered. Makeup Forever's Primers fall into two different categories addressing either Texture or Tone. In an attempt not to overwhelm you all I'll be breaking this post into two so I can be sure to give you all the amazing details of each primer !

Texture Equalizers 

Makeup Forever's first 5 Primers address issues of texture so whether you've got rosacea or are shiny like a soul food cook #ThisGirl, they've got a primer to help you out ! 

#1 Mattifying 

Mattifying Primer I love you so hard you just don't even understand ! I am the shiniest person in the history of ever and this primer just changed the game. I use the same primer almost every day and while I try new things I basically never change brands and I have a vat of my every day primer and several emergency containers on standby. Unlike most mattifying primers this one is so easy to use. it doesn't get dry in your hands or become difficult to spread on the face which I love . It also doesn't do that cool thing mattifying primers like to do of making your skin look disgusting and dry before you even do anything else. I could put this primer on by itself and go about my day knowing that I wouldn't be Shiny McShine Shine

#2 Smoothing

Smoothing Primer is just that ! No bells no whistles just a great smoothing primer that will pro long the wear of your foundation so if you are under 22 or just have no skin issues this a great option for you ! 

#3 Hydrating 

Dry skin ? Then #3 is your future main squeeze. Hydrating primer will help to keep your skin hydrated all day long so you wont have to worry about it looking flaky or dry !

#4 Nourishing 

Combination skin, dry cheeks but oily t-zone then the nourishing primer is your best bet. It will help to balance you out, providing moisture without making you oily.

#5 Redness 

I'm sure you're sitting at home thinking Becca how did you graduate from college,Redness is not an issue of texture and I can see how you might think that but I'm right and here's why. Redness is often caused by underlying skin issues like eczema, rosacea or extreme dryness all of which are texture issues. This primer will help to address both problems. The texture of the primern will help to smooth things out and the green color of the primer will help to neutralize any redness in the skin ! 

That's all for Part 1 of our little Primer Party ! Come back on Thursday for Part 2 ! If you have any questions about the primers leave them in the comments section !!! 

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