Wedding Wednesday : Happily Ever Dennis

For those of you who are new to the blog welcome to Wedding Wednesday ! If you didn't know I am a professional Makeup Artist who specializes in weddings and every Wednesday I like to talk about all things Wedding ! This Wednesday I'm talking about the absolutely 100% most fun wedding of 2014, The Miller, Dennis Wedding ! 

Rikki and I met in 2010 through Sorority recruitment at our college and even though I didn't end up as a member of her sorority I lucked out and Rikki became my banker at my local bank and one of my best college friends !( btw she was and still is literally THE best) Rikki is the girl who is always in your corner, who loves you unconditionally and will always listen to you talk about boys/ get on your tinder because she thinks its hilarious. Everyone deserves a Rikki in their life, just sayin ! 

All those years ago Rikki told me that when she got married I would do her makeup, mind you everyone says this but I don't believe it till it happens and last year when Rikki's man proposed she sent me a text letting me know that I would obviously be needed. Did you LOVE that run on sentence ? K cool just making sure you're still with me ! Since we're friends Rikki was basically the easiest bride in the history of every . She trusted me totally to make her gorgeous on her day which Le Duh , Obviously , I was gonna make it happen ! 

Fast forward to Rikki's Big Day ! It was ! It didn't hurt that I knew most of the bridal party to begin with. Greek Life Reunion, What What ! Literally had so much fun getting these ladies Glam ! Like any Bad Ass Bridal Party I work with they tried to get me drunk but I resisted cuz I had to make it to the actual wedding but when it was all said and done I had THE most beautiful group of bridesmaids, an AMAZING Bride and a wonderful time celebrating Rikki and Jeremy ! 

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