Wedding Wednesday : Chelsea and Chris' Big Day

Chelsea and Chris' Wedding might have honestly been my favorite this past year because we have a history. Chris n I met in 2004 as freshman in high school and I met Chelsea the next year when I switched schools. Chels and I shared classes while Chris and I shared a job at Abercrombie ..don't be jealous. Fast forward to college where the two lovebirds met n started dating and I thought OMG this is so cute I love this . Chelsea creeped me via social media and always told me that when she got married I would do her makeup, then Chris proposed and the rest was history ! This was such a fun wedding to be a part of and attend and it didn't hurt that I got to dance with my crush since 04, Chris' older brother ...Hay you gotta make your dreams a reality y'all ! But I love this couple and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you Chris n Chelsea , love y'all ! 

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