Quarter Life Crisis

Are you a #Millennial ?  Is your skin not quite what it was at 18 ? Well you my dear could be having a Quarter Life Crisis or at least your skin is ! Lets be honest you're not 21 and your hangovers are more like a long unpleasant layover in San Antonio before hitting your great Aunts house but with the proper skincare we can totally fake it like were 21 again or at least your skin can look that way ! 

Origins has just released its first serum targeted to 20 somethings and first time serum users, its called Original Skin and I'm Obsessed ! When you make it to your 20's and even your early 30's you skin starts to change and lets be honest it just ain't what it used to be . If you're a 20 something like me you may notice skin starting to become dull and less radiant, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores ( they are literally driving me INSANE.)  Well Original Skin Serum works to fight all these issues, you're welcome ! 

Origins, Original Skin Serum $39

*Minimizes the look of flaws
*Shrinks the appearance of pores
*Smoothes roughness
*Deletes dullness 

I've been using this serum now for the last 3 weeks and I totally notice a difference ! My skin tone is much more even my pores look much smaller and less congested and my icky winter skin is hydrated and bright . So do yourself a favor and grab yourself some because as a friend of mine said recently   "We're getting old "    


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