Give Good Face

So remember back in January when I was all I'm not a Blogger blah blah blah well in that post I said I would make an effort to post photos of myself at least 2 times a month, well I missed the mark for January... Whoops but this month I'm doing it y'all. I know that when people read blogs they want to see the person who writes them Le Duh ,So here I am !

I have to say that doing this was incredibly humbling and I have a new found respect for bloggers. Not so much the picture taking but getting the pictures back and having to be critical of yourself and your body and just well its HARD but It was also really fun !

It was kind of hard for me to decide what look to go with but I knew for sure I wanted to shoot at Beauty Bar in Dallas because HELLO this is a Beauty Blog ! But Honestly Limecrime Black Lipstick is like my Lazy goto,I'm into it + this is my blog so I do what I want ...JK but not really.

I'm still kind of finding my footing with this whole blog thing so bare with me as I find my voice and style in this medium ,but I promise the next time you see my face it will actually be helpful and informative .Until then look how cool these pictures are ! 

BIG thank you to my sweet photographer  Stephanie Drenka ! Seriously she's y'all. 


  1. Always JaszyFebruary 19, 2015

    I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! - which black lipstick did you use for this?

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