If your lips are movin' then they're dry dry dry !

It's January and the high in Texas is 34 degrees so basically it's cold EVERYWHERE and no one is safe from dry lips. Chapped lips sink ships, plain and simple because NO ONE wants to kiss on that. So here are some of my favorite products to keep your lips soft and kissable because you and I both know its BAE season and if you're single like me you're tryna get chose !

Brown Sugar ...NUFF SAID ! 
I got this stuff in my birchbox last year and basically have 3 in rotation at all times 
It's all natural and tastes like bubble gum/ cotton candy. 
Did I also mention that its edible ? You're Welcome ! 
Canada is on a real hot streak,first my perfect hubby Drake and now Bite Beauty ! 
This Agave Lip mask is EVERYTHING y'all ! 
After exfoliating take and leave on your lips for 10 minutes and then al
l the dry goss dead skin comes off pain free ! 
It's the peanut butter to the lip masks jelly and its all natural ! 
After becoming addicted to Hydration lock I saw this in my local Target
  I have an addiction ,I don't wanna talk about it today 
I saw this and knew I had to have it.

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