HUM Nutrition

Have y'a noticed that Vitamins are on sale everywhere ? Well I have and I suppose its part of the January "New Year, New You" marketing ploy ! But Hum Nutrition is a Vitamin brand that you can totally get excited about.

Hum was founded by two guys from London who felt just as confused in the vitamin isle as I do.They also had some of the same issues breaks-outs,bloating, the usual but they knew they could make a difference so they packed up their things moved to LA and HUM Nutrition was born !

Hum has vitamins that address all sorts of issues from reversing signs of aging to 
clear and flawless skin, so here are a few of my favorites ! 

Red Carpet 

Red Carpet is one of my personal favorites this vitamin helps to promote naturally glowing skin and shiny hair and I speak from personal experience when I say I LOVE IT ! 

Cleanse To The Rescue 

So I will be starting this sucker next week because I'm just all over the place and need to get it together. This 21-day cleanse combines HUM's Daily Cleanse and Flatter Me formula's to help with clearer skin and a flatter tummy which I am obviously interested in.

Runway Ready includes a 30 day supply of Red Carpet and Killer Nails to help you look your best all over. So Basically a 30-Day supply of BeyoncĂ© ! 

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