Golden Globes Glam 2015

Ladies and Gents we are well into Awards Season which means seeing looks from fashion week brought to life for the first time. And what that really means for me is hair, makeup and fashion to die for,so here are my favorite looks from last night's 72nd Annual Golden Globes ! 

Chrissy Teigen 

First of all let me start by saying the fact that I have posted Chrissy Teigen first is a really big step for me, and after she stole my imaginary husband I wasn't sure I could get past that but I have to give credit where credit is due. Chissy's hair and makeup were perfect and left me wishing for warmer weather . Messy sun kissed waves pinned up plus her glowing skin is AMAZING ! The highlight just above her cheeks is perfect !

Lana Del Rey 

Lana Del Rey got it perfect from the neck up ( I will leave discussion of the dress to fashion bloggers because I stay in my lane. Somewhere Ariel is saying "Bitch Stole My Look !") Here's the deal Lana does 60's Glamour and she does it WELL ! I'm digging the center mini pony instead of just big Texas Hair . The 90's are back unless you live under a rock and Lana's hair is on trend yet still her own which I love ! Also the Brown lip on porcelain skin again perfectly on trend yet still her own ! Did good Lana now lets just work on your stylist

Viola Davis

Serving Glamour for the over 40 set ! This is how you do it ! No Shade to the over 40 hot tamales but I love a could glam look that doesn't rely on T&A. I love Viola's curls, a little bit loose and face framing. I'm LIVING for the makeup here ! Her brows are the best and they aren't overdone, plus she's rocking the color of the year #Marsala on her eyes and a classic red lip... 10's across the board !

Jerod Leto 

This is a beauty blog and by nature that means that 99% of my readers are female but that doesn't mean I've forgot about my men folk ! Jared Leto killed it and heres why, 2014 was the year of the beard and I personally don't think thats going anywhere I also don't want it to either #ILikeYourBeard
But you know what Jared Leto did that really set him over every other man ... 
BEHOLD The Man Braid 

Distant cousin of the man bun, the man braid is a classy option for award season. Business in the front and then you turn around and you're like WHAAAAA !?! OK Jared I see you boo ;)

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