For The Price of My CoPay

Last week I read a blog post by Kristin Cloy that inspired this list. Basically growing up and getting old blows REAL HARD and so does paying a Co Pay, coincidentally I have a Dr.'s appointment tomorrow, so this was REAL easy to write. So if you wanna shirk your responsibilities and get glam instead of going to the doctor here ya go because God knows I'd rather buy lipstick

Sure it's like $2 more than my PCP CoPay but that makes it $18 under my Specialist Copay ! WHOOP ! I could tell you I didn't already buy these but I did at 8AM on December, 26th because it was important that I acquire the above color, Stavros ! Insert emoji with heart eyes here ! 

2. A  Deluxe Pedicure PLUS Callus Romoval don't look at me in that tone of voice 

Here's the Dill Pickles , in order to make others beautiful I stand all day and by the time the day is done the nail salon is often closed RUDE !  So actually having my life schedule line up with the nail salons is amazing. In between visits I have scrubs and lotions of every sort but there is no substitute for a nail salon soak. Except maybe my sister who I can get to do it for $15 if she's broke. 

Obviously to go with my Armani Foundation that I don't own, whatever ! 

4. Urban Decay Naked Basics 
For the Basic Bitch in all of us .

5.  6, Mambo Taxi's during Happy Hour at Taco Diner YASSS ! 

Margarita's ARE a beauty product ! How you ask well margaritias decrease stress and less stress means less wrinkles so I basically just found you a wrinkle reducer're welcome ! Take 2 friends because if you have more than 2 YOU WILL DIE , just trust me on this ok ?  
* Bring a Designated Driver with you because nothing is more beautiful than being responsible ! 

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